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Horses in the Morning Past Episodes

Horse Husband Episode has Returned in Royal Style for September 28, 2023

The Monthly Horse Husband episode is back!  America’s Horse Husband Glenn the Geek returns with a new co-host.  Rich Muller is a horse Dad and Husband and we meet him today to learn what it is like doing double duty.  Plus, Giles Howson tells us how he went from horse brother to riding in the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.  Listen in….

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Adulting, Sleeping, Pads and Legal Stuff for Sept 27, 2023 by Kemin Equine

Equine Lawyer Danielle Mayer tells us the do’s, the don’ts, and the mustn’ts of equine law for the everyday horse owner. Heather Wallace of Adulting with Horses stops by for Tell a Friend September and Ashley is very excited about her new show, Sleep Stories for Equestrians. Plus, some pad talk with Kristy of Dreamers n Schemers, listen in…

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Versatile Horse & Rider Competition at Equine Affaire for September 21, 2023

Today’s episode is all about the Versatile Horse & Rider Competition! Sponsored by Chewy, the VHRC is an exciting competition that features a variety of obstacles. Up to 25 pre-selected horse and rider pairs will tackle a judged race through an obstacle course created to test the communication between horse and rider, as well as each competitor’s horsemanship and athletic prowess. Contestants will compete for $5,500 in cash and other prizes. Today’s guests are Greg Robinson, a ranch versatility expert and clinician who will also judge this fall’s VHRC, and Noah Rattner, announcer of Equine Affaire and a big fan of the VHRC.

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Every Horse Counts for September 19, 2023 by American Horse Council

In recent months, several surveys have been circulated regarding the U.S. horse industry. The American Horse Council’s Equine Economic Impact Survey is one that has been active since April and will be wrapping up September 29. This survey, done once every five years, has been used by hundreds of local and federal groups, horse associations and horse owners to support their industry in times of need. In this episode, four leaders in the industry share how they have used the previous survey’s results to help protect and support their local horse industry, trails and gain recognition for the impact horses and the industry has had on their economy.

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Losing a Member of the Family for September 18, 2023

Serious episode warning: Jamie and Glenn talk about losing a member of the HRN family and the power of community. Then we play for you the recording Reese and Glenn did honoring Philip Parkes of the Dressage Radio Show. Listen in…

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First Black Female Jockey and Wrap Star for September 11, 2023

Raymond White, brother of Cheryl White the First Black Female Jockey, tells us about his new book “The Jockey & Her Horse, Inspired by the True Story of the First Black Female Jockey, Cheryl White”. Glenn shares his favorite new product of WESA in August and interviews the inventor and some Realli Bad Adz, listen in…

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