Royal Ascot is set for June 16th as the horse racing season returns to action. After a two-month layoff, there are a few tips that can help you pick a winner at the prestigious British horse racing festival. There is no bigger summer horse racing event than Royal Ascot and you can make a wager on each of the races at this year’s festival. You want to miss your chance to win big when the five-day festival begins. As the elite racing festival grows nearer, here are a few things you may consider before the horses begin running.

Do use a tracker

A majority of flat race horses have not raced this year. There are some horses who were able to run from the start of January in races and it is those horses you want to focus on and place on your tracker. Once you get a winning horse into your tracker, you should not miss out on selecting them the next time they run. A horse racing tracker is a simple device that makes betting on races easier than ever. What used to take a punter physically writing down a horse’s results into a notebook and looking up their next races in the newspaper has been changed thanks to technology. There are tracker apps that now make it simple to track a horse and never miss their next race. Tracking horses will give you a heads up on who is in-form at Royal Ascot. 

Do bet cautiously

There is no reason to bet the farm on the first race at Royal Ascot. The race season stopped for over two months meaning horses could be rusty once the season starts up again. Jockeys could also struggle to find form especially with some reportedly putting on a pound or two during the break. Horses who haven’t run this calendar year could find racing difficult at Royal Ascot. Although there will be events in the weeks leading up to the five-day race festival, it doesn’t mean the top competitors will be ready to go straight out of the gate. 

Do focus on the big yards

The hipster horse racing bettor may think wagering on the smaller, lesser known trainers and yards will earn them a nice windfall of profits; but you should focus your attention on the big yards. Bigger may be better at Royal Ascot in 2020. The big yards have a larger staff that could make it possible for their horses to be fitter for the race festival. 

Don’t ignore the lead-up races

Newcastle saw the return of horse racing from its two-month layoff. The big yards were well represented at the racecourse as horses were sent forth to compete and prepare for Royal Ascot. The races at Newcastle and other lead-up events shouldn’t be ignored prior to the race festival. In-form horses could rule the day in Berkshire.

Don’t assume horses will continue their form

One of the worst assumptions you can make is to think a horse will continue their form from March and carry it over after two months out of action. It is good to be cautious and wait for new trends to develop. Punters should be smart and not create trends that are not there. Caution is the key word for this year’s Royal Ascot.