Charlotte Update, Templeton’s New CD and EFWP for Mar 21, 2022 by World Equestrian Center

Mar 21, 2022

Beyond the Ribbons Spotlight Para Rider, Charlotte Merle-Smith, gives us an update on her past month of competitions in Wellington, FL.  Templeton Thompson is back with the release of her new CD called “Get Back Up” and we pre-view the title track.  Plus, Jamie’s Oklahoma chicken auction report and you all seem to still have some Equestrian First World Problems.  Listen in…

Time Stamps:

06:12 – Daily Whinnies

12:45 – Great Oklahoma Chicken Auction

27:45 – Charlotte Merle-Smith

37:45 – Templeton Thompson

45:50 – Song Get Back Up

49:46 – Equestrian First World Problems

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