CVU for April 1, 2020 – How Ya’ll Doin’ Wednesday

Good Morning Horse World! Wednesday is the day I want to hear about all of you. How are you holding up? It is getting so bad here Jennifer and I are fighting over who gets to clean the stalls. (BTW, that is the same Equi-Tee Mfg – Mucking Perfection Shake n Fork we have had for 9 years! Thanks Dianne Berto)

Tonight on the FB Live Horse World CVU Update we have New York Times reporter and horse girl Sarah Maslin Nir talking about her experience being sick with Corona and her interesting times in New York. Today at 5pm ET on the Horses in the Morning FB Page.

Jamie and I will brighten up your day with a new Horses in the Morning this morning. Look for it live or in your podcast players early afternoon.