Good morning horse people worldwide, it’s Monday. I hope some of you got out yesterday like we did and played with your ponies. We went to an island locally that we love and we were the only soles there – it was lovely. If you need a break from stress, Jamie Massey Jennings and I are back with silliness and fun on Horses in the Morning today – look for it in your podcast players. (Yes, that is a Scooter face in the pic.)

It’s Monday… have I mentioned it’s Monday? Prediction day! I am going to give my predictions for the week, keeping in mind that I know nothing and only host a silly podcast about horses. But, believe it or not, I do read a lot and I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

If you have not made your preparations for your animals yet, DO IT TODAY! Get a month of food for your pets. There will be shortages just like everything else. Have you made your Corona barn plan yet? For more details on a barn plan, see this post.

Before I get to my dire predictions, let’s talk China. Everyone keeps saying that China is getting better with less new cases. Do you know how they did that? By martial law. By locking people in their homes. By dragging sick people from their homes and taking them who knows where, some heart breaking stories. They did things with their system that would cause riots here. So, yes they have reversed it by taking the most drastic measures, measures we are only just starting to take. I think we are headed that direction, which brings me to my predictions.

Many of these predictions are based on what we are seeing in Italy. The country is on lockdown for days and still saw the death toll hit almost 400 yesterday. Spain became the second European country to impose a nationwide lockdown after 2,000 new cases were confirmed and the number of reported deaths doubled.

Here are my Corona predictions for the week for the US: (I hope I am wrong on all of them.)

**By Sunday of this week the number of cases in the US will hit 50,000 to 100,000. They are already sick and just have not had the testing available to prove it. It would be many more, but the tests won’t be available.…/marty-makary-on-coronavirus-in-…

**All fast food chains will go to drive through only by today or tomorrow.

**Like Ohio and Illinois we will see the President declare all bars, restaurants, etc. closed by Thursday or Friday across the country.

**By next Monday the National Guard will be called up to protect grocery stores.

**By the middle of next week we will start to look more like Italy in it’s lockdown. I am not sure how Americans are going to take to that.

Now, I want to hear your predictions, better or worse than mine? NO POLITICS OR POLITICAL BASHING, you will be deleted and blocked.

That’s enough for this morning. Be safe, please stay home if you can. It is the only way we are going to stop this thing. Be kind to each other and catch up on your podcasts. I know a few you can listen too.