Corona Horse World Update for March 22, 2020 – More Random Thoughts! 

Good morning horse world. It has now been a week since I started writing these daily posts. It feels like a lifetime for us all. If I had told any of you four weeks ago that we would be in this situation, you would have asked me what bad “B” horror movie I had been watching. Now the fun and the serious, let’s start with the fun:

The Fun Stuff:

CONCERT: I now have concert promoter to add to my resume. Please, join the horse world and take a break from life for a few hours on Wednesday night to listen to the Amazing Cowgirl Templeton Thompson and her man Sam Gay as they bring you their amazing music about horses, love and life. Share with everyone and every horse group you can think of.

SILLINESS: Looking for a little silliness and horse talk to break up the bad news, take a listen to all five episodes of Horses in the Morning from last week and all the shows on the Horse Radio Network

Corona Horse World FB Live: Our daily Fb Lives will continue this week every night at 5pm on Horses in the Morning FB Page. I can announce that Tuesday we will have CEO, Bill Moroney, and HR Director, Kelly Bolton of the USEF joining us.

SPORTS: Looking to add a few minutes of sports back in your life, here is a fun video I watched last night while I was awake half the night…

GRATEFUL: I m so grateful for two groups of people this last week. All the first responders that now includes anyone in the medical community. You all are saints. I have a couple of you that I speak with every day to keep up on what is really happening. And I can tell you they are nervous. Also, I want to thank all the positive people in the world who are now finding ways to help each other, to help others get through and who are giving all of us hope in so many little ways.

The Serious Stuff:

What a week it has been for all of us, so much uncertainty, so much worry about everything. Where will we be when this is all over? When will it be over? Will it ever be over? And what a leveler of class, social status and rank this has been. It shows that in the end we are all human and that all the stuff in the world doesn’t really matter. Expensive toys, cars, saddles, watches mean nothing now. We are all thinking about toilet paper and how much pasta we have to get is through. Certainly puts things in perspective.

Another thing that happened in the last two weeks is we have become more aware of our bodies. Every little thing has us thinking about what it could be. Welcome to the world of the Chonic Lyme sufferers. Last night I spent half the night up with body aches, 50 trips to the bathroom and sweats. Does that mean I have Corona or is it my Lyme messing with me. We are all going through that with every ache pain, sneeze and cough.

My thoughts are with Emily Wood who is a fellow Lyme sufferer and she is now in a clinic as they try to get her horrible situation under control. We love you sis.

Final Thoughts: Last night Jennifer and I were giving Scooter his bedtime treats and it was so quiet and peaceful. You would never have known standing there with my goofy hackney pony that the world was resetting itself. In that moment I realized, no matter what happens, the world goes on. The birds sing, the flowers bloom, the pony eats and poops. We will get through this and I am so blessed that we have our horses and our human horse family to help us through it all. Be safe everyone and give your horses a carrot for me. ~Glenn The Geek