Coronavirus Horse World Update for 03-25-20 – The Concert is Tonight and today’s thoughts on Corona!

Concert: Let’s start with the big thing many people are looking forward too and that is the concert tonight with Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay. Tonight at 8pm ET on the Horses in the Morning FB Page. Forget life for a few hours and join us for some horsey music. Plus, Corro is giving away five $50.00 Gift Certificates during the show! Here is the link to the event:

Last Night’s FB Live: Did you miss last night’s FB Live with US Equestrian? You can watch the replay, I thought it went well and they were kind to join me to catch everyone up on the USEF. See the replay all the coverage here:

Current Corona Thoughts – The Serious Stuff: First, thank you to the HRN home team Jenn Hebert and Jaime Legagneur, and Niel Guilarte for helping to keep the shows going and the HRN train running. Most of my time has been spent on the Corona coverage and hanging out with Jamie Massey Jennings in the mornings. The hosts for all the shows are working hard to keep you entertained!

Honestly, I am dismayed when I am still seeing listeners who are nurses report from hospitals that they still are not able to test people. Friends of mine who have had to be tested and are reporting 4 to 10 days for the results. Then if we dig past the mainstream news, who are obsessed only with what the latest politician said and who is fighting with who, and you see what is really happening in other countries and here. You then get the real picture of what is going on and frankly it is terrifying.

Have you read the accounts of what all ages of people are going through with this virus. It is frightening, many have described it as going to hell and back. Yet, people are throwing Corona parties with their friends and then getting sick. Karma has it’s ways. But it is costing us all in time and ruining out livelihoods. I am not believing any politicians right now but I do believe what Bill Gates (who has been studying viruses for the last few years) said yesterday:

“The United States missed its chance to avoid mandated shutdowns because it didn’t act fast enough on the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Self isolation will be disastrous for the economy, but there really is no middle ground. He suggested a shutdown of six to 10 weeks.”

If we had shut down two weeks ago we would be two weeks further along to getting the country back on track but instead we are two weeks behind. And the longer we wait the longer the nightmare will continue. Ugggggg!!!!!

But what do I know I am only a podcaster that talks about horses and I have not slept in a Holiday Inn Express lately. Now remember all those days at work you said you wish you had a couple of weeks off…enjoy them!

~Glenn the Geek, Podcaster, Corona Guy, Concert Promoter and Scooter’s Servant