Coronavirus Horse World Update for March 30, 2020… Another Monday and we are going to be here awhile.

Good Morning horse world! A couple of housekeeping things, then my look at the crisis and where we are. First, the picture below is what I look like when I write these in the morning. Your welcome.

I have a full week of Coronavirus FB Lives planned for you this week. Every night at 5pm Et on the Horses in the Morning or Horse Radio Network FB pages. Tonight we have Maggie, Founder of @Chicory Wealth with an update on our finances and Auditor Susanna on the EMT perspective. Tomorrow Julie from the American Horse Council and Haley who operates a barn that has closed to boarders. Tune in at 5pm ET at HITM FB page.

You seemed to enjoy the concert so much last week, we are planning some more fun events for the weeks coming up. And, if you want a break from all of this, listen to Horses in the morning on your favorite podcast players.

THE FUTURE: The numbers that are now being touted for total dead in the US alone are staggering. Anyone with common sense knows in their heart that we are nowhere near the end of this. London is now discussing being in lockdown for months. I have worked from home for 20 years and even I am getting a little home crazy. Can we get through it, yes. Will it be hard, yes.

I did start to let my mind, for the first time, think about the longer term future. By that I mean late summer and early fall. Hopefully by then we will have something that helps with the treatment of this. A vaccine will still be a long way out. There will still be people getting sick and secondary infections happening around the world. For those of us with risk factors, the elderly, the immune compromised, will we even be able to go out then?

SOME RANDOM THOUGHTS (What are yours?):

Would Tiger King have been as popular without a quarantine?

I want Jimmy to keep doing the Tonight Show from home. I like to see the stars’ homes and families.

I wish I had bought Zoom stock.

I thought toilet paper supplies would have caught up by now.

The accounts of how sick people are getting are not fun.

We are learning who the true heros in our community are.

Had a Zoom call with my brothers last night, that didn’t happen a couple of weeks ago.

Glad I don’t have kids to home school, I hated school the first time.

Our next cruise is officially cancelled, I don’t think we will see cruises happen this year at all.

Thank you to all the MANY listeners who have reached out to thank us for our coverage, we love you guys.

I have maintained inbox zero since January 1. My God Jan 1 seems like 10 years ago.

I was glad to have a weekend mostly off to recoup.

Hang in there all – another week of HRN shows on the way! Find them all at