Corona Horse World Update for March 31, 2020… Get Prepared and More Music (PLEASE SHARE AWAY)

Good Morning horse world! Some people will disagree with me on this, it is just my opinion from what I read and what I see in posts from our thousands of listeners and friends.

Many of you thanked us for being ahead on telling you all to get prepared in the your barns before this all went down. This is round two.

Make sure you are prepared to be self sufficient for a month. We are starting to see trends in the manufacturing and distribution chains breaking down as more employees are getting sick, truckers getting sick, delivery drivers, store employees getting sick. Amazon has 17 warehouses with infections and some of them are going on strike today.

This will escalate as more rural areas are affected in the coming weeks and the quarantines continue and expand throughout the country. Plus, migrant workers are having trouble getting to farms in many places. For some reason we have not been able to get chicken of any kind here in the stores in weeks here in Ocala. I am actually missing chicken. I might be a vegetarian before this is all done. Don’t tell Jamie Massey Jennings.

All I am saying is to be prepared for 30 days if you couldn’t get anything else. We will see things start to slow down in the food chains on certain products, it is inevitable.

TONIGHT’S FB LIVE: Julie Broadway, President of the American Horse Council with her take on what is happening now and Haley who runs a barn that has shut down to boarders and we find out how that is going. Today at 5pm ET in the Horses in the Morning FB Group.

CONCERT: Working on a new concert for next week, stay tuned.

Hang in there all and be safe – another week of HRN shows on the way! Find them all at