Monty Roberts gives a travel update and does an amazing round table with Animal Welfare advocate Dr. Temple Grandin about how she has helped us understand the world of the flight animal. Monty asked Dr. Grandin to share her horsemanship with a group of his International Certified Instructors.  Our Trainers Tip from Kata Pataky from Hungary. Listen in…  

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 1238 Show Notes and Links:

  • Show Host: Debbie Loucks
  • Photo Above: by Eva Zielinski-Millar© Monty Roberts with Her Majesty the Queen who bestowed an honorary certificate to Colonel Jose Mauricio Weisshaupt Perez, the Commander of the São Paulo Police Academy
  • Photo Below:  Temple Grandin, credit Jason Fulford
  • Guest: Dr. Temple Grandin, visit her website, Facebook, Twitter
  • Monty’s Calendar
  • Training Tip: Kata Pataky from Hungary





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