Horse Show, One Eyed Charley and EFWP for July 1, 2024 by WERM Flooring

Jul 1, 2024

HITM:  Jess Bowers, author of “Horse Show” tells us about this collection of short stories exploring the relationship between humans and horses.  Plus, in Horses in History we learn about the amazing stagecoach driver of the 1800’s called One Eyed Charley.  She had a secret that she held until death.  Plus, some Equestrian First World Problems.  Listen in….

AUDITOR POST SHOW:  Just some random chatting.


HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 3460 – Show Notes and Links:

Time Stamps:

04:34 – Daily Whinnies
14:26 – Horses in History
18:40 – Olympic Update
26:24 – Jess Bowers
45:51 – EFWP
58:56 – Auditor Post Show