Horse World CVU for April 2, 2020… The Shock is Ending and a New Reality is Settling In

Good Morning horse world!

TONIGHT’S FB LIVE: Tonight we speak with Erin Clemm Ochoa, CEO of Days End Farm Horse Rescue to find out how rescues are holding up and what they are concerned about for the future. Plus, badass Ultra Distance Athlete and fitness coach Allison Tai gives us some tips on staying healthy while in lockdown. (Is the first tip that I have to get off the couch?) Tonight at 5pm ET on the Horses in the Morning FB Page.

TODAY’S THOUGHTS: I have seen a shift in myself and others on social media and I want to see if this is your experience. It is like the initial shock of it all also had some sense of excitement to it as well. We were busy dealing with every little thing, the overload of information, what was happening with ourselves, our jobs, our family, our horses and then this week it seems like the adrenaline stopped. The last several weeks each day seemed like a month.

Then, for me at least, this week seemed different. It feels like time has slowed down again and we are now at a point where we are dealing with our new reality. It is almost like acceptance set in and now we are just dealing with the current situation. Not that the worry has gone away, it just has become part of our daily life at this moment in time. I remember the same thing happening in the aftermath of 9-11. Funny, how quickly we adapt when we are forced too.

One of the new realities for those of us that are truly locked down is not going in the grocery store. We have to do curbside pickup and then disinfect everything. Shopping online last night was interesting how differently we were thinking. You can only get two of anything and you know when they fill the order you will only get ½ the order anyway. So, knowing this you order many different things hoping to get one of that type of item. It’s like playing the slots, will I get the cherries or the oranges? It is surreal that we have gotten here so quickly but are also learning to adapt so quickly. A penny in the slots for your thoughts?

Hang in there all and be safe – another week of HRN shows on the way! Find them all at