Horse Racing is not everyone’s cup of tea, there are a number of people who do not like the idea of making horses take one another on while being aggressively and violently coerced to go faster. However others make the argument that the horses are treated like Kings, that they are loved and looked after and that they actually enjoy racing. These two camps are often in direct opposition and it can be hard to be somewhere in the middle.

However what is not up for debate, is that horse racing is here to stay. Just consider how much it sustains the betting market with many bookmakers relying on horse racing betting to stay alive. You only need to look at how many websites have lists of daily Horse racing naps (i.e. a list of the best horses to bet on during a day) to realise just how important the industry is for bookmakers and how much money goes into racing. It is a sport which is resilient, a sport which is loved by many and a sport which has produced a lot of joy for its fans.

In addition, it hard to argue that it is not amazing to watch a racing horse in full flow, putting on a show and giving us an idea of just how magical horses are when they push themselves. There are many horses that are remembered for just how beautiful they were when they ran, who were loved because of their amazing ability and who have always been considered as legends of the sport owing to the fact they dominated in a way other horses never have.

There are some names which evoke memories of special races, of beautiful moment and of stunning animals. Here are some of the most notable name in horse racing, some of the best animals to have ever stepped foot onto a track.


With the Cheltenham festival currently in progress, it would not be right to leave out one of the greatest horses in its history. A horse who won three gold cups and was so popular and beloved that you can see its skeleton on display. He was a once in a generation horse whose power, poise and grace was, and still is, legendary. You could have built a horse more suited for racing and you would have to go a long way to find a horse, even today, that could have competed with Arkle, a real special name in horse racing history.


Fourteen races and fourteen wins shows just what a magical horse this beast was. Frankel was rated as the world’s best horse in May 2011 and many have argued that he was the greatest horse of all time. Seemingly built to win races, no one could catch him and no one could beat him. He was, apparently valued at around £100 million in terms of his stud value and that is a figure that is mindblowing. He just won and won and won and won and thus should be on any list of the greatest horses to ever grace the horse racing’s top festivals.