The Winners Enclosure via Twitter

Horse racing has long been a popular sporting event, but it’s risen in popularity over the years to become one of the best loved sports. Attendance at events like Cheltenham Festival, the Grand National and Ascot have continued to be in the thousands, with many more watching around the world. The thrill of the sport, combined with the beautiful settings, live music and entertainment, and social aspect make events like this a real highlight of the sporting calendar and reinforce the continued popularity for attendees of all ages.

The atmosphere of horse racing is one of the biggest draws to enthusiasts and often the main attraction to the sport. The excitement of placing a bet is also what brings so many people to horse racing and with so many online opportunities to wager on who the winners and losers might be, there’s an added adrenalin rush to this already exhilarating sport. The rise in events like Cheltenham Festival has been reflected by bookmakers’ figures. Competitiveness in top-class racing of all kinds is just as important as it’s always been to the punting public, if bookmakers are anything to go by.

The Grand National has a unique appeal to the general public and continues to be one of the most-loved racing events of the year, particularly when it comes to the betting turnover for a single race. But it’s not just the UK that loves horse racing – this sport has risen in popularity in other parts of the world too. Korea, for example, has seen a huge rise in the love of this sport and there’s definite mainstream appeal. And neighbouring Japan has long had a love of horse racing that’s evident in the lavish racecourses and millions invested in the industry. In Australia, horse racing is a huge sport with the Melbourne Cup reigning supreme in terms of racing events – it’s even known as the “race that stops a nation”.

Horse racing may have once been an exclusive sport of the wealthy but over time, it’s become a key fixture of the lives of everyday people, from fractional race horse owners to stable workers and fans who are eager to get involved in one of the world’s oldest sports through betting. Studies show that horse racing makes a cultural and economic contribution to communities all around the world and it enjoys a greater audience today than ever before, not just in the UK but across the globe.

Racing events are keen to inspire a new generation of fans to come out and experience this sport in person to ensure that horse racing continues to enjoy a prosperous and successful future. For those who haven’t witnessed a race before, there’s truly nothing like the thrill of a racing event and it’s a must for any sport lover who wants to experience something new and broaden their interests – it’s a sport that has something for everyone and the rise in audiences suggest it’s not going anywhere any time soon.