For a long time, the Golden Slipper has remained the premier two-year-old horse race in the world and seemingly New South Wales’ most conspicuous element. The 1200 metre dash race is held in Sydney at the pleasant Rosehill Gardens and happens to be the crown gem in the Sydney Autumn Carnival held each fall.

Since Todman won the first-ever Golden Slipper race in 1957, the race has had different winners and created an avenue for spectators to profit from the game through betting. The prize cash for the race is tremendous, presently sitting at AUD$5 million. Moreover, it’s the persona and the unlimited charm that keep the best racers on the planet returning to seek the Golden Slipper field.

The Golden Slipper is one of the head races on the Australian Group 1 racing calendar. As a result, racing bookmakers treat it prestigiously. Most betting sites often run promotions around races on the Golden Slipper and have extensive future betting available.

For those looking to bet on the Golden Slipper, there are many options available. However, read more for recommended tips to help stake your bets effectively and increase the chances of winning. 

  • Research

Before you place a bet on the Golden Slipper, you should perform some research. Take some time to learn more about the field upon which the race will be and analyse every lead-up race carefully. Additionally, some historical factors affect and play essential roles in the race. You may also check videos to widen your knowledge, such as This research will help you get information relevant to your game, which can help you get favourable results.

  • Pay Attention To Past Winners

It’s always a good thing to learn from history. After the first-ever winner, many other horses have won the Golden Slipper Race. Paying attention to and learning from these winners can provide relevant and valuable information, such as info relating to lead-ups and betting odds. You should also apply this analysis to other featured races so you’ll have tips for the Queen Elizabeth Stakes for example, and not just for the Golden Slipper.

  • Analyse Your Lead-ups Critically

Information from the lead-up races is so important that it bears repeating. Spending your time reviewing specific lead-up events will prove very much helpful. There are several particular leads up races to watch while preparing to place a bet. Examples are the Group 1 Blue Diamond Stakes, Group 2 Reisling Slipper Trial, Group 2 Todman Slipper Trial, Group 2 Pago Stakes, and the Group 2 Magic Night Stakes. These races run over 1200 meters and are held weeks before the big race. A thorough analysis of how they play out will guide you in placing your bet. 

  • Pick Suitable Horses

For a Golden Slipper race, you should consider the form of the horse. The finishing place from previous races can tell so much about its form. You may also want to look out for the race and winning patterns of the horse.

If a horse places well consistently twice or more than twice, it’ll be a good bet to try after one good finish. Picking horses on a winning streak will also make a great choice. Check out the track upon which the horse will race. Also, many horses perform better based on specific tracks than the other. Hence, choose a horse suitable for the available track. 

  • Be Aware Of The Odds

It’s essential to be aware of the odds on offer and how they affect your wager when placing any bet on the Golden Slipper. Horses with a higher perceived chance of performing well are usually given short odds, while those with a shorter perceived chance of achieving well receive long odds. 

Short odds improve your chances of winning but offer a small pay-out. Long odds, on the other hand, offer a smaller chance of success but a greater pay-out. You should be aware of these odds and know how they affect your stakes.  

  • Learn To Follow Your Guts

Once in a while in horse racing, it’s comparable to go with your guts and not be highly dependent on the structure and history of the race. While this may not be a wise decision all of the time, it can make the difference in situations where all available information may seem not to be presenting a vivid and cutting-edge advantage. Horse racing novelty may exceed pattern, so you need to follow your guts. 


As the 2022 edition of the Golden Slipper shapes up, it promises to be one of the best. Therefore, it becomes less easy to place bets on the Golden Slipper, together with other Group 1 events that are held on the same day. However, by applying the tips recommended above, you can place better bets and drastically improve your odds.