Western Side Saddle, Aberta, Canada and He Got Gone for Nov. 18, 2019 by Omega Alpha Equine

Nov 18, 2019

Lee McLean of Alberta, Canada joins us to share her adventures riding Western Side Saddle and living in beautiful Alberta.  DeAnn from Horse Nation chats about feral children, horse boyfriends and Equestrian Nightmares.  Plus, Equestrian First World Problems, record breaking Radiothon and WEG breaks up.   Listen in…

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 2314  – Show Notes and Links:

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  • The HORSES IN THE MORNING CrewGlenn the Geek:  co-host, executive in charge of comic relief; Jamie Jennings: co-host, director of wacky equestrian adventures; Coach Jenn:  producer, Chaos Control Officer.
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  • Guest: Lee McLean of Alberta, CA – find her book here: