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Monthly Total EquiHealth Episode:  4th Thursday of Every Month

Hosted by:  Kayla Benney of Total EquiHealth 

Description: Introducing the Total EquiHealth episode on Horses in the Morning! Join us every fourth Thursday of the month for a special episode that combines holistic equine care and equestrian health and fitness. Our expert hosts provide valuable insights, interviews, and practical tips to empower horse owners, riders, and enthusiasts in achieving total well-being for both horse and rider. From nutrition and natural remedies to conditioning exercises and mental wellness techniques, we cover it all. Subscribe now and elevate your horsemanship and fitness journey to new heights with Total EquiHealth!

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Past Breeding and Sales Episodes

Total EquiHealth: Chiropractic Alignment for Equestrians, Spring Skin Care for Apr 27, 2023

April is here… and what’s the phrase? April Showers bring all the skin problems? Wait, that’s not right- tune in for Total EquiHealths’s EquiDu Moment- Product Highlight- H3Oil, the best product line to help combat scratches, and all the funk we horse owners have to deal with. We also welcome Dr. Jamie Shortz, of Pacific Performance, to chat about her passion for equestrian fitness and chiropractic alignment to help us reach our performance goals!

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Total EquiHealth: Lessons From All For The Horses Expo, Lunging for Rider Fitness for Mar 23, 2023

It’s the 4th Thursday of the Month! Coach Jenn joins Kayla for Total EquiHealth’s monthly health and fitness episode. They chat about the World Equestrian Center’s All for the Horses Expo, Betsey Christianson and Hall of Fame Jockey, Jose Santos, stop by to chat about EnviroEquine’s new power packed supplement line coming out, jockey fitness and the possibility that Kayla may be a stalker. Oops! And we really lunge into the exercise of the month- so tune in!

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Equine Back Pain and How To Deal by Total EquiHealth for Oct 27, 2022

It’s all things health and fitness- always, and TOTAL-ly EQUI related (see what we did there?!) We invite Kaley Seitz on to chat about the benefits of alternate modalities such as Electro-Accupuncture and Meso Therapy, aiding in your horse’s comfort, specifically touching on Kissing Spine and Core work to ease back pain… TUNE IN, its going to be an educational day!

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Diamante Sport Horses, The Lead Change Dilemma by Total EquiHealth for July 28, 2022

Emily Wood, and Kayla Benney are back again, to talk about their sale horses, sale techniques, compare what it is like to have their own start up businesses outside of the horse world. We also invite Jen Arevalo of Diamante Sporthorses from Whittier, CA to chat about her stallion, Diamante Fino and the unique challenges of standing and competing a stallion. Tune in!

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Pinhooking and Thoroughbreds for April 28, 2022 by Total EquiHealth

Thoroughbreds, Thoroughbreds, Thoroughbreds!!! Spring Has Sprung and the TB sales are here in Florida! This month’s episode is all about the Thoroughbred. David Scanlon of Scanlon Training and Sales, had one of the top sales at the Ocala Breeders’ Sales in Ocala, FL, selling for 1.3M!! Our other guest, Meredith Krupp, not only is a successful Sales and Consignment Agent, but breeds the TB’s for race careers as well. She guides us through the process of how to picking those winning bloodlines. Listen in…

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Farrier – Veterinarian Team, ISO Amateur Friendly Horse, for Jan 27, 2022 by Selcouth Sport Horses

 Buying an amateur friendly horse- it is harder than you think! Host, Kayla, has been on the search for literally the perfect unicorn for her business partner for most of the year. Tune in to hear the woes, the thoughts and topics it has brought up. The differences in buying a horse for yourself vs a client.  Dr. Mark Donaldson of Unionville Equine Associates is also back to chat with us about vets and farriers working together to solve Hoof Woes… like they say- No Hoof, No Horse!

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Sales and Breeding: The Art of Buying and Selling Horses for Sept 23, 2021 by Selcouth Sport Horses

How do people make the perfect sales ad? Looking for tips on how to market your horse – what pictures are appropriate, what does it take to do a sales video? What draws your eye to certain ads? We explore all of these avenues in this months Sales and Breeding Show with featured guest – THE German Riding Instructor Ronny Reimer. We also have Dr. Sam Fielding on to walk us through how to tackle show nerves, for after you buy that new horse or take your young homebred to their first shows. Tune in!

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Horse Ad Lingo, Selling Western Horses for May 27, 2021 by Supreme Top Form

We get slightly Western and chat QH’s and Western Dressage and Reining with Head Trainer of Keystone Training based out of Micanopy, FL- Rachel Ory. Kayla also did a little research (shocking- I know!) and goes over some sales based websites, their pricing and what to expect on first impressions of the sites. We will also dissect some sale lingo for the listeners, and how to read between the lines. Tune in!

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Different Horse Sales Business Styles for Mar 25, 2021by Supreme Top Form

Becky Davis of Becky Davis Agent, Inc and Roland Farm chats about her TB Breeding and Sales business. Then 5* Event rider Courtney Cooper tells us about operating about two sale barns, Csquare Farm and Excel Star Sporthorses. Courtney also has a small breeding operation and has raised many homebreds to compete at the top levels of Eventing.  Plus, Kayla and Jess share how their sales operations work.  Listen in…

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Feb 25, 2021: European Select Auction, Benchmark Sport Horses, Horse Sales and Breeding by Supreme Top Form

It’s all about the Sale Barns this month! We introduce this month’s Cohost, Jessica Montgomery, chat about her husband’s, Eventing Olympian, Clark Montgomery, new position as head trainer of Apex Equestrian, a sale barn of elite jumpers, based in NC. We also have New Zealand Olympian, and Grand Prix Rider Sharn Wordley on to discuss a new online Auction, European Select Auction of elite hunters, jumpers and equitation horses. We will close out the show with Jessica Redman with Benchmark Sporthorses, a thriving OTTB sale barn based in Camden DE, and how she is able to source and find quality TB’s their next careers after the track.

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Sales and Breeding: Young Horse Show, Buying and Selling Hunter-Jumpers for Jan 28, 2021 by Supreme Top Form

Kayla and Glenn bring you the director and organizer of the Young Horse Show series, Jean Yves Tola. The YHS is designed to provide Sporthorse breeders as well as owners, trainers and riders of all disciplines an affordable show venue to introduce and evaluate their young horses. We also chat with Kimmy Risser, of Hickory Manor, specializes in breeding and buying/selling hunter-jumper prospects.  Listen in…

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Young Horses with Alistar McLean and Auditor Dani’s New Horse for Sept 24, 2020 by Supreme Top Form

​Sales and Breeding:  Today we are focusing on young horses!  Kayla and Charlie go to Australia to talk with Alistar McLean, Director & Head Trainer at Australian Equine Behaviour Centre to talk about developing young horses.  Plus, Auditor Dani Russell chats about her purchase of a KWPN foal and what she is looking forward to, and what concerns she may have raising a foal.   Listen in…

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Buying an Icelandic, Horse Sales Questions and Vetting Young vs Old for August 27, 2020 by Supreme Top Form

On this Sales and Breeding episode brought to you by Supreme Top Form, Kayla and Charlie speak with Auditor Patricia on her experience about buying and importing an Icelandic Horse from Iceland. We answer some listener sales questions and Dr. Chuck Arensberg, of Equine Veterinary Care of Fair Hill, MD,  shares insights on vetting a young horses vs older horses and what care differences might be.  Listen in…

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Insights on Sales and Breeding for Equestrians for May 28, 2020 by Supreme Top Form

We start with a chat with EquiSale about their import business with sale horses in the Czech Republic and the other base in the US. Then we are going closer to Charlie’s side of the world to talk to Jody Hartstone, about her breeding operation in New Zealand. We will close out the episode with Mark Donaldson, of Unionville Equine, about back xrays and any other controversial findings during a pre-purchase Exam.  Listen in….

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Sales and Breeding for Equestrians for April 23, 2020 by Supreme Top Form

We explore buying and selling horses with Emil Spadone, owner of Redfield Farms, and a partner in Horse Flight – an international horse import and export business. The creator of our title sponsor, Supreme Top Form, Carol Gillis explains the science and logic behind the joint supplement. High Point Hanoverians is our guest breeder for this episode and we close out the show again with Mark Donaldson, partner of Unionville Equine Associates, diving into the pre-purchase exam focusing on xrays and what they mean?  Listen in…

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Insights on Sales and Breeding for Equestrians for March 26, 2020 by Supreme Top Form

We explore buying and selling horses in America vs Europe with the infamous, Ronny Reimer, better known as ZE German Riding Instructor. WE then travel “Down Under” to chat with Seumas Marwood about breeding top horses for sport and his Great Stallion- Wild Kard. We will close out the show again with Mark Donaldson, partner of Unionville Equine Associates, diving into the Pre purchase exam- focusing on flexions and continuing the physical exam. Listen in…

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Insights on Sales and Breeding for Equestrians for Feb 27, 2020 by Supreme Top Form

Sales and Breeding Episode:  We discuss the equine sales world by highlighting Justine Dutton (4* event rider and Grand Prix Jumper) of Notting Hill stables and Sportponies UK. We also start to explore the world of breeding for specific disciplines with Elizabeth Callahan of Oxford, MD, a vet with a small niche breeding operation that specializes in upper level event horses.   We close out the episode with vet Mark Donaldson of Oxford, PA, a partner at Unionville Equine Associates, who  enlightens us on the need and format for Pre-purchase exams.  Listen in….

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