Chi University: Our First Monthly Look at Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for Apr 18, 2023

Apr 25, 2023

The first Chi University episode looking at Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine with host Dr. Allison Marshall.  We are also joined by founder of the Chi University Dr Xie to talk about how TCVM came to the United States and why it has become mainstream.  Plus, Dr. Wendy Ying returns to talk about the herb Xiao Yao San and what it can do for horses.  Listen in…

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 3169  – Show Notes and Links:

Time Stamps:

02:00 – What will be in Chi episodes every month

03:28 – Overview of Chi University

05:00 – Learn more about host Dr. Allison Marshall

07:36 – Dr. Huisheng Xie

30:00 – Dr. Wendy Ying