Driving Episode: Meet the New Mayor of Black Prong Equestrian Center, Paxi – Uber for Animals, and the Story of Joseph S Kemp, The Father of Manure Spreaders for Aug 6, 2020

Aug 6, 2020

Driving Episode: Can you believe summer is almost over. Are you are thinking about Florida this winter ? Clayton Bratcher is here to share the upgrades to Black Prong Equestrian Village, Kathleen Haak introduces us to the father of the manure spreader, American Driving Society’s rule chairwoman, Lauren Reece shares the 2021 rule change proposals, Keady Cadwell previews the Tryon CDE and on the TCVM Segment we learn about Paxi ! Uber for Animals. Listen in….

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 2492  – Show Notes and Links: