Driving: Queen Liliuokalani’s Carriage, Dutch Harness Horse 101 and Martin’s 50th for Feb 4, 2021 by Pro-Stride

Feb 4, 2021

Driving History Day….Queen Liliuokalani’s Carriages and the development of the modern Dutch Harness Horse. Kathleen Haak & Gary Grisham, from the Hawaii Driving Club tell us about the royal carriages of Hawaii. Barry Dickinson shares the history of the Dutch Harness Horses as he actually drove the Hackney horse stallion, Cambridge Cole, the father of the modern Dutch Harness Horse.  Its Martin’s Auctions 50th Anniversary and Karen and Paul Martin will let us know how to attend in person or online. Donna Kay Rule shares her experience using Pro-Stride & acupuncture to keep her champion barrel horse, High Valor in top condition. Listen in….

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 2612  – Show Notes and Links: