Equine Affaire: Meet the 2023 Ohio ILHA Champions & Adoption Affaire Recap for May 18, 2023

May 18, 2023

The ASPCA Right Horse Adoption Affaire was wildly successful at Equine Affaire in Ohio this year! Nearly forty horses from 9 ASPCA Right Horse Adoption Partner organizations were there, and 21 horses were adopted on-site, plus three more are pending. Cailin Caldwell is the program director for the ASPCA Right Horse Program and joins us to chat about the Adoption Affaire on today’s show. Next, we have a very special duo: Sally Durbin and Reese Wolheter are a grandmother/granddaughter team and the 23 Ohio Champions of the ILHA Freestyle Invitational competition.

 HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 3186 – Show Notes and Links:

Time Stamps:

09:30 – Cailin Caldwell

26:30 – Sally Durbin & Reese Wolheter