Equine Affaire: Teaching Youth to Train Horses, Exhibiting Horses at Equine Affaire, Life of an Equine Rescue for Jan 19, 2023

Jan 19, 2023

Jason Irwin joins Allison & Glenn to discuss tips for selecting the right horse for a youth rider. Then Equine Affaire’s breed exhibits manager, Jessica Anderson, chimes in to explain how listeners can apply to exhibit their own horses at Equine Affaire through the Breed Pavilion and the Horse & Farm Exhibits. Finally, Mary Martin, president and founder of New England Equine Rescue North, shares what it’s like to rescue horses in New England and how charity starts at home.

 HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 3103 – Show Notes and Links:

Time Stamps

08:24 – Jason Irwin

23:02 – Jessica Anderson

34:25 – Mary Martin, New England Equine Rescue North