Eventer Sara Kozumplik-Murphy, Unicorn Facts and Training Tip for Jan 10, 2022 by Eagle Equine Products

Jan 10, 2022

Eventer Sara Kozumplik-Murphy won the USEA Governor’s Award for her work saving the Land Rover Three Day Event in 2021, Henrietta Szathmáry from HorseyHooves.com stops by to talk Unicorn Facts and Jamie handles a listener training tip. Listen in…


11:00 – Daily Whinnies

15:55 – Nigel, Scooter and Zeus Update

26:25 – Sara Kozumplik-Murphy

44:30 – Henrietta Szathmáry

57:00 – Jamie Training Tip on Biting Horses

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 2846  – Show Notes and Links: