Hope Hand, Impelled, Oden & Eeyor and Impelled for June 6, 2022 by World Equestrian Center

Jun 6, 2022

Para Rider Charlotte Merle-Smith helps pay tribute to Hope Hand, Cindy from Life w/ Oden tells us all about Oden and Eeyor and Auditor Sarah Welk Baynum wrote a book called “Impelled: An Equestrian Romantic Suspense Series” and the HITM crew is in it! Listen in…

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 2947 – Show Notes and Links:

Time Stamps: 

01:45 – Hope Hand Tribute

13:10 – Daily Whinny

16:00 – Trailer Shopping

30:00 – Cindy – Life w/ Oden FB page

47:12 – Sarah Welk Baynum