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Monthly American Horse Council Episode:  1rst Tuesday of Every Month

Your Hosts: Julie Broadway (President) and Megan Arszman (Marketing & Communications) of the American Horse Council

Description:  This monthly episode from the American Horse Council highlights members doing amazing horse related things around the county.  Plus, we look at the legislation and regulations that affect riders in all 50 states.   


Julie Broadway has over 30 years of leadership experience in both for-profit and non-profit sectors, Julie holds a BS, MBA, Executive Certificate in Non-Profit Leadership and is Certified Association Executive ®. She’s a life-long horse enthusiast ranging from recreational rider, breeder, and show competitor. A native of NC, she and her husband now reside in DC along with their Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Morgan horses.

In her down time, she enjoys volunteering (past president of PATH International and current on the PATH Intl Credentialing Council), horseback riding, gardening and cooking. “I’m passionate about the equine industry because horses have enhanced my life and well-being so profoundly,” said Julie. “Working at the AHC is a way to give back to the equine community and ensure the long-term health of the industry.”

Megan Arszman is the Marketing and Communications Specialist for the American Horse Council. She is an accomplished creative professional with a proven track record in feature and copywriting, event coverage, social media management, marketing and promotions. Arszman’s extensive experience in the horse industry spreads beyond the 18 years she’s been a professional to her life growing up with horses and competing in a variety of events and organizations. As the former Communications Coordinator with the Indiana Horse Racing Commission, she saw, firsthand, the importance of the everyday horse owner and lover’s role to keep the horse industry from being stagnant and to grow outside of the smaller boundaries the industry has found itself in.

Past Episodes:

Every Horse Counts for September 19, 2023 by American Horse Council

In recent months, several surveys have been circulated regarding the U.S. horse industry. The American Horse Council’s Equine Economic Impact Survey is one that has been active since April and will be wrapping up September 29. This survey, done once every five years, has been used by hundreds of local and federal groups, horse associations and horse owners to support their industry in times of need. In this episode, four leaders in the industry share how they have used the previous survey’s results to help protect and support their local horse industry, trails and gain recognition for the impact horses and the industry has had on their economy.

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Environmentally Sustainable with Horses for August 1, 2023 by American Horse Council

Horse owners are some of the biggest supporters of the environment. They understand the importance of green space, access to fresh water and mild temperatures to ride. Julie and Megan speak with two Colorado State University students who presented their research on how one show facility in Helsinki, Finland, is utilizing its own occupants’ waste for power—that’s right: Manure for Electricity. Then, the AHC’s Health, Welfare and Regulatory Affairs Liaison, Emily Stearns, talks about the horse industry working alongside the Environmental Protection Agency and what “green” legislation might affect the horse industry. Finally, Julie shares an update on the Equine Economic Impact Survey, which is ongoing through September 29.

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Helping Horses in Need for July 4, 2023 by American Horse Council

Anyone can become down on their luck and it’s never too late to recognize resources local to you. In this episode, Julie and Megan speak with three women who are working to help horse owners and horse enthusiasts help horses in need. Brittney Vallot highlights the amazing work that Days End Farm Horse Rescue and the Maryland Equine Transportation Service has done for the Maryland area since it was established in 1989. Dr. Stephanie Boswell has a strong interest in the behavior and welfare of the horse, making it her goal to make horses’ lives better through both physical and mental well-being. This led to her writing her book, available through Trafalgar Books, Helping Horses in Need, not only for those looking to work in rescue, but for the everyday horse owner wanting to make life more enjoyable for their horses. Finally, Ashley Harkins, Director of the United Horse Coalition, shares how the UHC provides plenty of resources for horse owners looking for assistance in caring for their horses, as well as those working with horses at-risk and in transition.

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Youth Are The Future for Jun 6, 2023 by American Horse Council

The second episode of the American Horse Council edition of Horses in the Morning shines a spotlight on the youth of the horse industry. Julie and Megan speak with the president of the U.S. Pony Clubs, Jennifer Sweet, and the Executive Director of Amplify Horse Racing, Annise Montplaisir. We learn more about how the organizations work with children and young adults to introduce the horse and encourage participation in multiple facets of the industry. The annual AHC Youth Fly-In is the topic of the AHC Legislative Update, as well as a couple of pieces of legislation that affect the mental and physical health of our youth.

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American Horse Council: Welcome to the Dude Ranch for May 2, 2023

The first episode of the American Horse Council edition of Horses in the Morning goes Western when Julie and Megan speak with Russell True from White Stallion Ranch. The history and enticement of dude ranches is discussed and how the family-centric vacation can help preserve the American West and benefit the equine industry. The first AHC Legislative Update shares information on the latest happenings in Washington, D.C., as well as two pieces of legislation being discussed in California.

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