Today, I have some good links for you about pets and COVID-19 and my ever evolving thoughts and concerns…

Good Morning Horse People Worldwide, it’s Wednesday. Kinda weird when you stay home all the time remembering what day of the week it is. We need what they have on cruise ships, the day of the week written on the floor of the elevator to remind you how soon your vacation will be over. Let’s hope this one ends soon.

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LINKS for Pet Owners:

Dr. Wendy of Holistic Veterinary House Calls – 5 Elements for Animals pointed us to an article from the AVMA on COVID-19: FAQs FOR PET OWNERS.

How to care for dogs and cats during Coronavirus.

Good info for Shelters: Animal Services’ Role in COVID-19 Support:

Turning Points from Yesterday:

1. It was the first time that we saw people we know who are sick or have family or friends that are sick. One of our long time listeners daughter and her family all got sick, they tried to see the doctor but they were told to do a virtual visit. The office recommended they self quarantine at home. My daughter requested testing, they were told there weren’t enough tests! (And that is why are numbers are so low in the United States, if we can’t test people, we can’t get a true picture of how bad this really is.)

2. It was the first time that I saw someone I know whose family member has died of COVID.

3. It was the first time we are seeing real evidence of this hitting younger people with no preexisting issues. More than half of France’s coronavirus patients in intensive care are under 60, the country’s top health official said on Saturday.

Meanwhile in Belgium…Doctor Ignace Demeyer said that the hospital was increasingly admitting patients between the ages of 30 and 50, which he said got “very ill” despite having “blank medical records.” he said that lung scans from young people admitted into the emergency ward were “nothing short of terrifying.”

4. And then Italy.. if you want to be truly depressed, read some of the nightmare stories coming out of the hospitals there.

My Monday Predictions, how am I doing:

**By Sunday of this week the number of cases in the US will hit 50,000 to 100,000. WELL ON OUR WAY IF THEY COULD JUST GET THOSE DAMN TEST KITS SENT OUT!

**All fast food chains will go to drive through only by today or tomorrow. THAT ONE HAPPENED FASTER THAN I THOUGHT

**Like Ohio and Illinois we will see the President declare all bars, restaurants, etc. closed by Thursday or Friday across the country. THIS WILL AND NEEDS TO HAPPEN BUT NOT SURE IT WILL BE BY THURSDAY OR FRIDAY. SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED A WEEK AGO.

**By next Monday the National Guard will be called up to protect grocery stores. SOME STATES ARE GETTING THEM CALLED UP NOW.

**By the middle of next week we will start to look more like Italy in it’s lockdown. I am not sure how Americans are going to take to that. ALREADY STARTING IN CALIFORNIA.

Final Thoughts:

I think it is setting in for many of us the implications of this whole thing and it is unsettling. We had to go to the bank yesterday (never left the car) and were shocked at the number of people out going about doing what they always do. It is the reason that by this time next week we will be under mandatory quarantine and the ICUs will be overflowing. In Frnace you can’t leave the house with permission slips from the government and police are checking them. Does that remind you of something from history.

I do feel fortunate in one way, we are horse people. We have the best therapy animals in our lives every day. I think that gives us a healthy advantage.

NO POLITICS OR POLITICAL BASHING, you will be deleted and blocked.

That’s enough for this morning. Be safe, please stay home if you can. It is the only way we are going to stop this thing. Be kind to each other and catch up on your podcasts. I know a few you can listen too.