Creating the Ideal Environment for your Horse:

Regardless of your reason for keeping horses, it is important to provide them with a safe, warm and nurturing environment. Whether you intend to train them as race horses or simply keep them as beloved family pets, they will need to be given a home where they are stimulated and offered the very finest in nutritional food. With this in mind, it is crucial that you maintain a functional and practically laid out stable that provides your horses with enough space to life comfortably on a daily basis.

How to Create the Ideal Environment for your Horse:

Keeping the aforementioned points in mind, what practical steps can you take to create the ideal environment for your horses? Consider the following: –

  • ŸCreate a Row of Flexible Loose Boxes: By their very definition, loose boxes are vast and spacious compartments that allow your horses tangible freedom of movement. They are temporary structures that can be laid out in rows directly opposite one another in a larger stable space, which in turn enables horses to enjoy their own space while also have visual contact and daily interaction with others. One of the biggest advantages of these compartments is their mobility, as it means that they can be moved according to specific needs and conditions.
  • Afford your Horses Access to Natural Light and Living Conditions: As a horse owner, it should be remembered that even the best stables offer artificial and unnatural living conditions for what is essentially a gregarious herd animal. This means that you have a responsibility to create as natural an environment as possible, and providing your horses with access to regular sunlight and fresh air is key to their long term well being. If your animals are confined for 24 hours a day or trapped in a dark and cramped space, they will become frustrated and deeply unhappy.
  • The Importance of Hygiene and Stimulation: On a daily basis, your two key concerns as a stable owner are the health and mood of your horses. They must be kept in a relaxing, hygienic and stimulating environment, as this will ensure that they enjoy an active lifestyle and remain free from disease and debilitating illness. As a starting point, you must take care to muck out your stables on a daily basis, while also striving to create a dust and ammonia free living space. Secondary to this, you should ensure that your horses are stimulated regularly by trainers and groomers, as this enhance their experience of everyday life.

The Last Word:

If you are committed to ensuring that you offer the best possible level of care to your horse, you should also look to identify a reputable and industry recognized service provider. Redmire Horse Stables are a recognized provider of high quality loose boxes and general care, and deliver an invaluable services that improves every single aspect of your horses life.

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