Day 1 from Equine Affaire for April 12, 2024 by Kentucky Performance Products

Apr 12, 2024

HITM:     Day 1 of Glenn and Allison from Equine Affaire in Ohio.   They bring you interviews with some of the fascinating clinicians, vendors and spectators that are attending this year!  Listen in…

AUDITOR POST SHOW:   Let the competition begin.

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 3407 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Hosted by: Allison Rehnborg of Equine Affaire and Glenn the Geek
  • Title Sponsor: Equine Affaire
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  • Guest: Kristi May Treharne – Facebook
  • Guest: Teresa Nichols of Stained Glass Photo
  • Guest: Diana De Rosa of Equus TV
  • Guest: Horse Husband Ryan Rehnborg
  • Guest: Sammatha Munninghoff from Young Guns
  • Guest:  Kelly Cosby – KMC Online Gallery
  • Link: Get your tickets for Equine Affaire and Fantasia at today!
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Time Stamps:

05:11 – Kristi May Treharne
18:00 – Kelly Cosby
25:45 – Ryan
33:50 – Teresa Nichols
35:12 – Diana De Rosa
43:00 – Sammatha Munninghoff
49:14 – Auditor Post Show