No crappy list today…it’s all positivity, with just a dash of satire when Glenn presents his side splitting list.  Eric Dierks also joins us with some great insight into the training agenda, and Low Heel Syndrome is the topic on TheHorse Health Report.  Listen in… in…

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 659 – Show Notes and Links:

Top 10 Good Things About Dating/Marrying a Horse Girl by Glenn the Geek, Horse Radio Network (In no particular order.)

1. You can cancel your gym membership, you will be getting plenty of excercize around the farm cleaning, mending, fixing, chasing, repairing, building, etc. etc. etc.

2. You don’t have to lie about blowing off work to go to the track, she will go with you!

3. Tight fitting breeches, that speaks for itself.

4. Horse girls are very strong, you will never have to worry about that beer bottle cap again.

5. Horse girls tend not to be clothes hounds or wear tons of makeup, so you will save money there.

6.They tend to fall asleep early, so you will have the remote to yourself after 9 pm.

7. They are easy to please, a new Shake ‘n Fork, a new pair of paddocks or even a lighted hoof pick will make them happy.

8. You can save money on haircuts, they are great with clippers.

9. Horse girls are not afraid to get dirty.

10. Have you ever seen the two point position?



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