With a little help from guest co-host Lisa Wysocky our Monday adventure takes a hilarious turn.  The musical preferences of skunks, how many ‘p’ words can we put into one pet peeve conversation, another Bad Jumping Clinic, and we speak with Lyssa Chapman.   Listen in…

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 681 – Show Notes and Links:

  • The HORSES IN THE MORNING CrewGlenn the Geek:  co-host, executive in charge of comic relief, Jamie Jennings:   co-host, director of wacky equestrian adventures, Coach Jenn:  producer, Chaos Control Officer.
  • Guest Co-Host: Lisa Wysocky, author of Waling on Eggshells with Lyssa Chapman
  • Title Sponsor:  Omega Alpha Equine – Effective Supplements Through Science
  • Photo:  Walking On Eggshels by Lyssa Chapman, Lisa Wysocky



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