Jamie and Lisa Wysocky Talk Books, Boys, Horses, Food, and PEMF for Jan 19, 2022 by State Line Tack

Jan 19, 2022

Jamie and Lisa Wysocky talk books, boys, horses, food, and PEMF!

02:17 – Daily Whinnies

06:56 – Publishing World for Lisa

14:50 – Guest – Sarah Wilson

32:25 – Guest – Jill Stanford

42:28 – Weird News

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 2853 – Show Notes and Links:


Valentines Day Pancakes

We are pretty sure you have a box of biscuit baking mix in your pantry? We know we do! Valentines Day is a day to show someone you love that they are special. A box of chocolates is always nice but not much help when you have to go out to the barn early in the morning and clean the stalls, un-freeze the water trough and so on. And for the kids waiting in the cold for the school bus, this will keep them wrapped in warmth. These pancakes will show your loved ones that they are, indeed very special to you and you had to get up early to prove it.

2 1/4 cups of biscuit mix, divided into 2 cups and 1/4 cup
1 cup of milk, plus 1 tablespoon
2 large eggs
1/4 of butter, melted
2/3 cup of loosely packed brown sugar
3 tablespoons of ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla
non stick baking spray (we like the butter flavor for this)
2 plastic bags

Preheat your griddle or iron fry pan to medium heat
In a large bowl, whisk together 2 cups of the biscuit mix, 1 cup of milk and the eggs, until the mixture is smooth. Set aside
In a small bowl, combine the melted butter, brown sugar, the remaining 1/4 cup of biscuit mix, 1 tablespoon of milk and the cinnamon and vanilla.
Whisk this all together until it is smooth, adding a bit more milk if needed to make this cinnamon mixture thin enough for piping.
Transfer this mixture to a plastic bag, and snip off the corner for piping.
Spray the hot griddle with non-stick baking spray.
Spoon about 1/3 cup of the batter to the other plastic bag and cut off the corner.
Pipe the pancake into a ‘heart shape’ on the griddle, filling in the outline, and then immediately pipe the cinnamon mixture right over the top of the pancake.
When it’s ready to flip, spray some non-stick spray right onto it, flip it and cook on the other side until it is golden.
Keep the pancakes warm in a towel in a low warm oven
Repeat until all the batter and cinnamon mixture is gone.
To be really fancy, serve this with whipped cream that you added a small drop of red food coloring to as well as a sprinkle of Red Hots.
Or, butter and maple syrup will do just fine. It was the thought that really counts!
Makes about 24 “I love you” hearts