Welcome Eagle and Charlotte Makes the Team for July 5, 2021 by Eagle Equine Products

Jul 5, 2021

We welcome a new title sponsor to Monday’s episodes, Eagle Equine Products. Plus, Auditor Charlotte Merle-Smith joins us to share her excitement of making team alternate for the United States Paralympic Dressage team. Plus, some Equestrian First World Problems. Listen in…

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 2717 – Show Notes and Links:

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  • The HORSES IN THE MORNING CrewGlenn the Geek: co-host, executive in charge of comic relief, Jamie Jennings: co-host, director of wacky equestrian adventures; Lisa Wysocky: co-host, Coach Jenn:  producer, Chaos Control Officer.
  • Title Sponsor: Eagle Equine Products (Use coupon code HRN to get 15% off your order!)
  • Photo: Charlotte Merle-Smith | Facebook
  • Guest: Michael Jolley of Eagle Equine of Eagle Equine Products
  • Guest: Charlotte Merle-Smith | Facebook
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