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If you keep the updates about horse racing, then you know that Ireland has a long and lavish history of horse racing. Along with this, Ireland is also considered one of the oldest traditions in the country’s history. Horse racing is an intricate part of this culture and Ireland horse racing is one of the country’s most popular spectator sports

The Irish bred horses are one of the most popular and well-renowned horses. They have amazing stamina and speed and this is why they have dominated horse racing events on a global scale.  In Irish culture, horse racing has been a part since 60 AD. If you check the reports and text from this era, then you will get to know that horse matches used to take place in Curragh and Galway with detailed accounts of it being a spectator sport. In recent times, for the Irish visitors, The Cheltenham festival is one of the most popular horses racing festival which usually takes place annually in the march at Cheltenham Racecourse. 

The Irish highlands are perfect for the natural habitat and they provide proper training for war and also for instrumental fighting. However, they also understand that horse riding is a skill and when they understood this, soon they made it a competitive sport to mark out the best riders. If you check the details and books and texts, then you will get to know the names of the Jockeys who were the superstar at that time. Without them, this kind of racing will never happen. 

It is mentioned already that Irish thoroughbreds were one of the fastest and strongest horses in this part of the world. Over a period of time, it became extremely popular in the Europe Zone. There is no place to deny the fact, that Irish played a major role in order to train their horses and provide required skills to the jockeys. Without the proper skill and training, it will be impossible to get all the grand prizes. If you look wisely, then you will able to find that almost the top most jockeys are from this part of the world. 

Horse racing is completely and deeply rooted in the culture of Irish history and Ireland, this sport is extremely popular. This is why the Cheltenham festival is one of the biggest and most awaited horses racing festival for the people of Ireland. People are stilling looking for this kind of match and Irish thoroughbreds are one of the most prized horses in recent times. If you want to win the race, then along with the technique you also need to have a horse which has the stamina and strength. This horse is one of the toughest and fastest horses in the sport gaining fame. 

There were some tough times in the 19th century but apart from this, Ireland has one of the places where this game gets the priority. Recovering the bad phase, the jockeys are coming back on the world stage. Many people think that it is a rich man’s sport but the fact, this sport is coming from the heart.