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Driving Episode: Meet the New Mayor of Black Prong Equestrian Center, Paxi – Uber for Animals, and the Story of Joseph S Kemp, The Father of Manure Spreaders for Aug 6, 2020

Driving Episode: Can you believe summer is almost over. Are you are thinking about Florida this winter ? Clayton Bratcher is here to share the upgrades to Black Prong Equestrian Village, Kathleen Haak introduces us to the father of the manure spreader, American Driving Society’s rule chairwoman, Lauren Reece shares the 2021 rule change proposals, Keady Cadwell previews the Tryon CDE and on the TCVM Segment we learn about Paxi ! Uber for Animals. Listen in….

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Rebecca Eccard’s Friesians, Charlotte Merle-Smith and Gigi for July 13, 2020 by Kemin Equine

Our Equiderma Highlight Rider is Rebecca Eccard, a USDF Bronze Medalist and an accomplished driver. We speak with her about her breed of choice, the Friesian. Para Rider Charlotte Merle-Smith was with us several weeks ago to tell us about her new horse, now we find out how her first show went. Plus, some Equestrian First World Problems.
Listen in…

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Driving Episode: Driving Llamas & Tandems for July 2, 2020

Driving Episode: Need some excitement this summer? Why not try tandem driving or better yet driving llamas! Vicki Sundberg of the Southern States Llama Association shares the joys of llama driving, we talk tandem driving with Paul Van Sickle, Kathleen Haak talks about shafts, Keady Cadwell shares her Tremont Training Tip and on the TCVM Segment we discuss s summer treats for your hot horses. Listen in….

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Dr. Denney-Jones Returns with Navicular Bursitis and Stanford Moore from Black Reins Magazine for June 17, 2020 by State Line Tack

Stanford Moore from Black Reins Magazine stops by to address diversity in the horse world. Plus, in the The Horse Nutrition Podcast Health Segment Dr. Denney-Jones returns, after a long hiatus from the show, to speak about Navicular Bursitis. In the Chicory Wealth Financial Segment we address methods of giving money to your heirs. Listen in…

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REVISIT: Olympic Broadcast Behind the Scenes with Melanie Smith Taylor, Equi Cool Down, No Beginner Horse for June 05, 2020

REVISIT: On today’s Kentucky Performance Products freestyle Friday 1984 Team Gold Medalist and NBC Commentator Melanie Smith Taylor talks about doing the Rio live coverage, Jennifer Campbell explains the science behind Equi Cool Down, Jamie updates us on her latest Flag Is Up Farms adventures.  Bad Ads features a horse with bumpy undercarriage. Listen in…

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Seven Olympics, Farrier Interventions, Stocks and 401Ks on May 27,2020 by State Line Tack

We continue Olympic Week with free-lance editor Margaret Freeman. Margaret shares some of her favorite equestrian moments from the seven Olympics she covered. The Horse Nutrtion Podcast Horse Health Segment is with Peter Day on how shoeing can affect the horses’ symmetry. Plus, we take a look at stocks and the 401K in the Chicory Wealth Finances for Horse Owners installment. Listen in…

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Equine Artists Week with Wine Glasses & Ribbon Art, New USEF Rules for May 11, 2020 by Kemin

We start off Equine Artists Week with Amber Dunmire, from the Wine Whinny, and her super fun custom painted wine glasses with your horses caricature on them. Then we meet Jennifer Zonghetti of EquiRibbon Creations and learn about her amazing work turning your old ribbons into amazing works of art. We finish the show out with Lynn Mueller from Jumping Nation talking about the new rules for showing with the USEF. Listen in….

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