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Monthly Driving Episode:  1rst Thursday of every month

Hosted by:  Dr. Wendy Ying, Four in Hand Driver, Traditional Veterinarian and Master of Chinese Medicine

Description: The Driving Radio Show is the world's leading podcast for the Carriage Driving world.  Started in 2011 it is the only podcast dedicated to the thrill of carriage driving. Wendy and Glenn take an entertaining look at it all from competitive driving to the pastime of recreational driving.  Originally it's own show on the Horse Radio Network, now part of Horses in the Morning once a month.

Past Driving Episodes

Driving: Boomer and Sooner, Martins and Cushings for Oct 7, 2021

Driving:  We learn all about Boomer and Sooner, the University of Oklahoma Conestoga Wagon pulling mascots.  Charlie Poppe tells us all about Martin’s Carriage Auction 50th Anniversary, he has been going  since the first one.  Plus, Keady and Wendy talk showing and Wendy talk’s Cushing’s Disease in the Daily Dose Health Segment.  Listen in…

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Driving: Road Show Interviews with Bill Long and Claire Reid for July 1, 2021

Glenn joins Bill Long for a drive through Southern Pines, Clair Reid gives an interview in her beautiful carriage house in Southern Pines about her 1890’s Brewster Wagonette and Kathleen from the CAA speaks about bridles, blinkers and safety.   Plus, in the Chinese medicine segment Dr. Wendy tells us how to deal with the dreaded summer sore.  Listen in….

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Driving: The Royal Four, Wagons with History and Preparing to Age for June 3, 2021 by Kemin Equine

Film director Tony Searle previews the re-release of his documentary “The Royal 4 in Hand” following Prince Philip in the early days of Combined Driving, Kathleen Haak from the Carriage Association of America talks to World Champion Mule Driver, Bill Neel about the wagons he’s bringing to the CAA Carriage showcase and some tips to keep your horses & dogs feeling great well into their golden years. Listen in….

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Driving: Harness Horse Youth, the First Brownies and Florida Horse Park Upgrades for May 6, 2021 by Horseware

Ellen Taylor, Executive Director of the Harness Horse Youth Foundation, shares some great opportunities for kids and Geir Kanstad tells us how he is leading the charge to renovate the marathon course at the Florida Horse Park. Plus Kathleen Haak from the Carriage Association of America has some driving related sweet treats and Abbie Trexler shares the latest news from the American Driving Society. Listen in…

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Driving: Aiken Pleasure Show, Driving Pairs and the The A to Z of Carriages for April 1, 2021

Driving Fun in the Carolinas! Katy Rhinehart from the Aiken Driving Club previews their inaugural pleasure show, and also in Aiken, the ADS is hosting a course designer clinic with FEI course designer Richard Nicole. Keady Cadwell of Tremont Farm continues her series on driving pairs & Kathleen Haak from the CAA is joined by author Amy Bracey to talk about her new book, The A to Z of Carriages. Listen in….

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Driving: Queen Liliuokalani’s Carriage, Dutch Harness Horse 101 and Martin’s 50th for Feb 4, 2021 by Pro-Stride

Driving History Day….Queen Liliuokalani’s Carriages and the development of the modern Dutch Harness Horse. Kathleen Haak & Gary Grisham, from the Hawaii Driving Club tell us about the royal carriages of Hawaii. Barry Dickinson shares the history of the Dutch Harness Horses as he actually drove the Hackney horse stallion, Cambridge Cole, the father of the modern Dutch Harness Horse.  Its Martin’s Auctions 50th Anniversary and Karen and Paul Martin will let us know how to attend in person or online. Donna Kay Rule shares her experience using Pro-Stride & acupuncture to keep her champion barrel horse, High Valor in top condition. Listen in….

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Driving Episode: Sleighing into Winter, Spinal Manipulation & Acupuncture for Dec. 3, 2020 by Pro-Stride

Winter is here that means sleighs & sleigh bells! Dr. Susan Orosz joins us to share her favorite chimes & Kathleen Haak reviews the ways people kept warm while remaining fashionable. Dr. William King, director of R & D at Pro-stride shares his insights about the power of regenerative medicine & on the TCVM Segment, the Yin & Yang of  spinal manipulation & acupuncture with Dr. Janine Weller. Listen in….

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Driving Episode: FEI Single Driver Taylor Braddish, New Dressage Tests and Tui-na for Oct. 1, 2020 by Pro-Stride

Driving Episode:  FEI single driver, Taylor Braddish is on the road to the World Championship with Katydid Dutchess, Carriages 101 with Kathleen Haak and Keady Cadwell helps us learn the new dressage tests.  Plus, Dr. Tom Hutchins shares his experience with Pro-Stride to keep our horses & pets feeling great & on the TCVM Segment we talk about Tui-na bodywork. Listen in….

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Driving Episode: Mad Max with Horses, Driving with CP and Pro-Stride for the Win for Sept 3, 2020 by Pro-Stride

This months Driving show is all about family, Kathleen Haak interviews Ben Turner who is encouraging kids to drive in post-apocalyptic fashion and longtime listener & author Jake Keeling shares how horses influenced his life living with cerebral palsy. Plus did you know Keady & Randy Cadwell’s parents dragged them from eventing to coaching before they became international combined driving superstars? And on the TCVM segment, Dr. Carol Holland of Natural Vet Palm Beach explains how she combines the modern technology of Pro-stride with TCVM to keep horses performing at their peak ! Listen in….

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Driving Episode: Meet the New Mayor of Black Prong Equestrian Center, Paxi – Uber for Animals, and the Story of Joseph S Kemp, The Father of Manure Spreaders for Aug 6, 2020

Driving Episode: Can you believe summer is almost over. Are you are thinking about Florida this winter ? Clayton Bratcher is here to share the upgrades to Black Prong Equestrian Village, Kathleen Haak introduces us to the father of the manure spreader, American Driving Society’s rule chairwoman, Lauren Reece shares the 2021 rule change proposals, Keady Cadwell previews the Tryon CDE and on the TCVM Segment we learn about Paxi ! Uber for Animals. Listen in….

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Driving Episode: Driving Llamas & Tandems for July 2, 2020

Driving Episode: Need some excitement this summer? Why not try tandem driving or better yet driving llamas! Vicki Sundberg of the Southern States Llama Association shares the joys of llama driving, we talk tandem driving with Paul Van Sickle, Kathleen Haak talks about shafts, Keady Cadwell shares her Tremont Training Tip and on the TCVM Segment we discuss s summer treats for your hot horses. Listen in….

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Driving Episode: National Carriage Driving Month, Mike Zeatta and Sports Injuries for May 7, 2020

Driving Episode: Its National Carriage Driving Month so we are celebrating carriage driving, collecting and even some political history. Kathleen Haak’s special guest is Judge EG Moody, a longtime CAA board member who made National Carriage Month official, Mike Zeatta of Antique Carriages shares a glimpse into the golden age of carriages, Keady Cadwell shares her Tremont Training Tip and on the TCVM Segment we discuss how your horse’s constitution can influence sports injuries Listen in….

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Driving Revisit: Food Therapy, Goals, Standing Still, Florida Whips and Navigator Training for Dec. 5, 2019

REVISIT: The first Driving Episode of HITM with Dr. Wendy and Glenn.  The training tip with Keady Cadwell of Tremont Farm covers setting goals and standing still, we learn about the Florida Whips, learning to navigate and Abbey from the American Driving Society.  Plus, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Update reviews seasonal food therapy for horses.  Listen in…

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Driving: Cones Gold Medalist Mary Phelps, Chicago Carriages, Hunting Vehicles and Friesians for Nov. 7, 2019

Team USA’s newest Cones Gold Medalist, Mary Phelps recaps the Pony World Championship, Tony Troyer tells us how we can support fellow carriage drivers in Chicago and on “Carriages 101” Kathlene Haak introduces us to hunting vehicles. Plus, on the Tremont Training segment we learn about prepping young horses for performance tests and on the TCVM segment Dr. Wendy gives us tips to keep our old farm doggies feeling great throughout the winter. Listen in….

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