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The Horse Radio Network will do the best we can to keep you updated daily on the latest on the Coronavirus and how it is affecting all of us in the horse world.  

Horse World CVU for April 10, 2020: Some New Predictions

I know we are all getting sick of more of the same. The news doesn’t seem to change day to day. So, I took a deep dive into the news yesterday reading all the articles predicting when we get back to life, out of quarantine. There is no road map for this, but a few countries are now looking to give it a try. That is going to be difficult to do in USA when we are running about 2,000 deaths and 33K in new cases a day. That has been consistent over the last 3 or 4 days. We are not over the top of the mountain yet, but we can see it. However, hikers will tell you the downside of the mountain is usually more dangerous than the climb up the mountain.

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