Cornavirus Update for the Horse World on April 21, 2020 – At a Crossroads

Good Morning Horse World! I am back, did you miss me? Thank you for the lovely well wishes and cards in mail last week. We worked all week but without the pressure of doing two live shows a day. It was a nice week to regroup.

If you missed my HRN Live at Five last night and don’t have a Last Will and Testament then you should go take a listen on the Horses in the Morning podcast feed. It was interesting and IMPORTANT (will be posted shortly).

Wednesday on HRN Live at Five I will go over how and where horse shows fit into the timeline for reopening based on the national and state guidelines that have set been set out so far.

THE GOOD: We have seen a decrease in the number of new cases reported and the death rate has gone under 2,000 a day for the last three days in America. That means that the stay at home order actually worked. What it doesn’t mean is that the problem was not as bad as they said. It means amazingly enough Americans listened that it made a difference. So, well done you!

CROSSROADS: I predicted many of the things over the last few months that unfortunately came to pass. One of them that I predicted was that within two months we would see demonstrations or rioting in the streets. What I got wrong is who would be demonstrating. I thought it would be the poor inner cities, not the anti-quarantine crowd. Hell, we didn’t even know there was an anti-quarantine crowd.

We are now at a crossroads. The quarantine worked and slowed the curve. Now, states will start to reopen some businesses with social distancing. We know the cases will start to rise again and deaths will start to increase. No one is arguing that, it is common sense. What will be interesting to watch is what will happen if the increase is larger than expected. Will they close again? We will see soon enough.

All of the states are reopening businesses with social distancing requirements. What those requirements are have not been announced yet. Will restaurants and theaters be at 1/2 capacity and can they operate profitably at that rate? How do you achieve social distancing in a beauty salon? We will find out.

I know whatever model you look at – people like me who have high risk factors for the virus will be in for a long time. We all need a nickname.

Go have as best a day as you can and be safe, as there is only one of you and you are important in this world.

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