Horse World Coronavirus Update for April 10, 2020 – Some New Predictions

Good Morning Horse World: 

I know we are all getting sick of more of the same. The news doesn’t seem to change day to day. So, I took a deep dive into the news yesterday reading all the articles predicting when we get back to life, out of quarantine. There is no road map for this, but a few countries are now looking to give it a try. That is going to be difficult to do in USA when we are running about 2,000 deaths and 33K in new cases a day. That has been consistent over the last 3 or 4 days. We are not over the top of the mountain yet, but we can see it. However, hikers will tell you the downside of the mountain is usually more dangerous than the climb up the mountain.

Denmark, Austria and Norway are looking at easing restrictions slowly. Even Italy, with almost 20K in deaths) is trying to figure out how to do this. A good articles to look at if you want a deeper read:…/The-90-trillion-question-is-h…

TIMELINE: (My opinion putting all the pieces together. Treatments and medical advances could change this.)

School is done for the year. Looking how to safely reopen in the fall.

Sports: If they restart at all will not have people in the stands at all this summer. Including no horse shows until August into Sept. Maybe some smaller shows over the summer in some less affected states.

Food Supply: Like I said last week, we are now seeing many processing plants being closed from sick workers. Truckers are now starting to get sick and pulled off the road. We are still going to see shortages in certain things for at least the next 8 to 12 weeks.

Restaurants and bars: This will depend on the state and infection rates in the region. I believe we are looking at middle of June through middle of August and then with limited seating. Depending on location. I don’t believe we will see full capacity until fall into next Winter.

Festivals, concerts and large summer gatherings. Not happening till fall, if then.

States less affected will start to come online before others. Some states have already expended quarantines into June. Universal just announced the parks will be closed through May 31.

JUNE: We are going to start seeing testing to the point where we can determine who has had the virus and who hasn’t. We will see certain industries start to reopen. They will be in certain sectors and ones that can do it safely with Social Distancing and not a lot of public contact.

AUGUST: Second wave of limited openings in states that were hardest hit.

FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME: If you have risk factors, immune issues, lung issues, cancer, etc. We are going to have to be really careful for a long time to come. Unless an effective treatment is found. Our lives will not be the same for a long time.

CRIME: One of the other things that is only just now starting to be discussed is crime. It is one of the main (not discussed) reasons the government wants to get us back to work. They know that once food and money run out for a period of time we have a new issue. Home invasions, looting and then rioting (reports of home invasions and looting already). Police departments are short handed already and criminals know that. It is a serious concern the longer it goes.

The good news: We see the top of the mountain. We just need to keep hiking and doing what we are doing because it is working. Believe me, I am as concerned as anyone about getting over the mountain financially, physically and mentally in tact. But we have no choice and humanity has overcome worse with less than we have now.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst is our story right now. Be safe and be distant. For some fluff – tune into Horses in the Morning this morning. ~Glenn the Geek, Founder of the Horse Radio Network