Today Dr. G has a loose llama; illustrating that nobody is immune to horse and livestock emergencies.  Post assurances that Oreo the llama is safely contained, recovery efforts in South Dakota following the recent blizzard are covered.   Continuing our trek across the country, Dr. Carls stops by to talk about how and why he’s working hard to help the first responders  of Illinois be better prepared to rescue horses and other livestock.  Wrapping up, a Georgia 4-H leader talks about kids going to emergency preparedness camp.   Saddle up and listen in…

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 768 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Hosts: Dr. Rebecca Gimenez and Glenn the Geek and produced by Coach Jenn. Here is a picture of Rebecca with TORQUE – the appaloosa that performs as a demonstration animal in her OPERATIONS courses… and he is RIDICULOUSLY cute and loves treats.

Torque and Me


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