Photo by Daniel Corneschi, License

Barcelona is famous for its golden sands, great food and spectacular architecture created by the legendary Gaudi. It’s coastal position and the elevated hilled areas that surround the city make it perfect for horse riding whilst taking in the spectacular views both in nature and the man-made city. 

Barcelona is one of the top tourist cities in Europe and is famous for its sights like Segrada Familia, Park Guell and Montjuïc Magic Fountain. It is also home to many international sporting events like the European Poker Tour and the Barcelona Tennis Open. But if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of these events and attractions, then saddle up and get riding with these fantastic horse riding tours

Trek & Ride

Trek&Ride is an outdoor adventure company based in Terrassa that provides a wide variety of activities. These include walking, cycling and, of course, horse riding. Many of the rides take several days to complete, with the shortest being the “Discovery of the Costa Brava” tour, which can last between 2 and 6 days. Meanwhile, the Barcelona to Minorca Horse Riding Tour takes a full 8 days.

If you are looking to explore more of Spain, there are options for horse riding tours through the Pyrenees and around the island of Menorca. Both of these take riders on week-long journeys than span almost 200km. 

Panorama Trails

Another company that provides multi-day horse riding trips in and around Barcelona, Panorama Trails has curated journeys that will allow riders to see everything from beautiful coastlines and historical villages to forests and mountains. Each night riders set up camp in a different place, making it a really varied and interesting way to explore the Costa Brava. 

These journeys can take from two days to over a week, with trails that include the “Mountain to Sea – Fresh Saltwater Trail,” which sees riders ride along the banks of the Pyrenees before making their way out to the Mediterranean Sea.  For those looking for a shorter trip, the “Catalonia Beach Ride Weekend” tour spans two days riding along the beach and into the countryside. 

Montserrat Monastery & Horse Riding Natural Park

Perfect for those looking to escape the busy streets of Barcelona, this half-day riding tour provides the pleasure of horse riding without the need to camp, making it perfect for those who prefer their home (or hotel) comforts. As you enjoy the beautiful views the ride will take you to the Maria de Montserrat Abbey, which is located on the side of the Montserrat Massif mountain.  This tour is perfect for all levels of horse-riding skill, so seasoned riders and novices can enjoy the tour together. 

Barcelona Horse Tours

Barcelona Horse Tours offers a range of horse-riding tours for visitors to Barcelona. Its “Barcelona City View” tour runs through the mountain areas of the city, allowing riders to take in the spectacular views of Barcelona from above. The rides are taken at a slow trot, making them a leisurely way to explore stress-free. The tours operate 7 days per week, but the route varies depending on the day; there’s a weekend route due to changes to access to the roads and paths on Saturdays and Sundays. A more advanced trail is also available for the more experienced rider. The company also has stellar reviews online, with almost all customers rating the company as “excellent”. 

Barcelona offers some spectacular views and attractions to all its tourists. However, the growing popularity of certain tourist hotspots has made some of these areas feel claustrophobic to some. One solution to this is to take a horse-riding tour around the city, allowing you to take in the spectacular Catalan views whilst enjoying a pleasant horseback ride. With the plethora of single and multi-day tours available, with all skill levels catered for, there is no excuse to give it a try and do something different on your trip to Barcelona.