If you’re a horse racing fan, the chances are that you’ll also enjoy the occasional flutter. This is borne out by the numbers, with an estimated 97.4% of this sports audience known to wager on outcomes on a regular basis.

This number has undoubtedly increased over the course of the last few years, thanks largely to the emergence and evolution of the iGaming market and greater accessibility to sports betting platforms in the UK and US.

As a result, there are now numerous ways of watching and betting on horse races on a daily basis. We’ve listed some of these below, whilst asking which one is right for you.


As one of the UK’s most traditional and popular sports, horse racing is covered widely on both terrestrial and subscription-based television channels.

In terms of the former, you can catch live horse races on ITV and ITV4 every Saturday, whilst all of the major festivals are also broadcast for free in midweek so you never need to miss any of the action.

There are also two dedicated satellite channels available in the UK, namely Sky 415 and Racing UK (which is located on Sky 426). These channels cover racing worldwide, whilst the niche broadcaster At the Races cover a total of 52 tracks in Britain and Ireland.

These channels are available both on and offline too, so you can catch the latest horse racing news on the move and wherever may you be.

Online Channels

This brings us neatly on to online channels, with live action now streamed in real-time to a host of devices including laptops, smartphones and even tablets.

As we’ve already said, most of the television channels that broadcast live races can be streamed online, which essentially enables you to watch terrestrial and cable programs wherever you may be.

You can also stream action through some online sportsbooks, including Bet365 and Ladbrokes.

These platforms enable registered punters to watch races that they’ve wagered on in real-time, allowing them to track the outcomes and their winners as they pour in!

Watch and Wager with Mobile Apps

On a similar note, it’s now possible to watch and wager on the very latest action through a number of excellent iphone betting apps and android betting apps.

You can also download and access branded betting apps directly through your smartphone, so long as you’re running the requisite operating system and can boast a viable 3G/4G or Wi-Fi Internet connection.

Some operators will offer specialist welcome offers through their mobile apps, and keeping your eyes peeled for these can result in free bets and deposit matches that really boost your bankroll!