Horse race betting is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the world. Every day there are horse races that take place all over the globe and punters wager billions of pounds on the sport of kings. One of the biggest horse race meetings of 2020 will be the Grand National at Aintree. Horse racing enthusiasts can get the latest bet bonuses with Bet365 Grand National betting and wager on the horse they believe will win the big race in April.

Despite being one of the most popular sports to bet on, horse racing isn’t one of the top sports to watch. Those who watch the races typically are the ones who bet on the races. Millions will tune into the Grand National but not all of those individuals will win their bets. If you want to win your wager, try these horse race betting strategies to win at Aintree this year. 

Examine the previous race fixtures

One of the simplest ways to improve your chances of winning a bet on a Grand National horse race is to examine the recent results of the runners of specific race before wagering. If you want to bet on the Grand National, explore the recent results of the horses before betting and see just how well they have done in recent fixtures. It sounds simple but so many people just bet on races by looking at the odds. 

Diversify your bets

A lot of horse race bettors focus on the win bet. You must pick the correct horse to come first to win this bet. Diversifying bets can increase your chances of winning profits. A place bet is a great way to increase your chances of winning as the place bet covers the first two horses that cross the finish line. A show bet offers another chance to win as it covers the first three horses to finish the race. 

Shop around

One of the simplest ways to improve horse race betting profits is to shop around. Using a horse race betting odds aggregator website allows you to pick and choose the best odds available for a race. You may think using an odds aggregator isn’t important nor can it make a big difference. You would be wrong as the additional value you get can be significant. 

Don’t bet on every race

Go into a bet shop anywhere in the world that offers horse race betting and you will see punters betting on every race that comes across the television screen. This is a huge mistake and a way to lose money. By betting on every race available, you do not have time to do your research on the race runners. Pick out specific races and focus on those events and horses

Explore exotic bets but be careful

Horse racing has a number of great exotic bets to explore. Exactas, trifectas, quinellas and more can be found in horse race betting. Before making one of these bets, be sure you read up on them because they can be confusing. Although these bets offer the chance to make great profits, the difficulty of these may not be worth the risk.