Not so long ago, the vast majority of punters were visiting the high street bookmaker to place their bets. It was regarded as a convenient and fun way of betting, especially with gambling operators opening shops nationwide. The somewhat friendly atmosphere of these places and the fact that punters met like-minded individuals has also contributed to their success. In recent years, however, the popularity of these ventures has plummeted and the death of the high street bookmaker shop seems inevitable.

What led to the traditional bookmaker’s demise?

There was no single factor that prompted the rapid downfall of classic bookmakers, but a deadly mix of ingredients. Arguably the most important reason why high street bookies are barely surviving is that the online industry is bleeding them of customers. The vast majority of modern punters have realized the advantage of betting over the Internet, which is a far more convenient solution. Online bookmakers are offering odds that are comparable to their land-based counterparts and sometimes even better ones.

Online bookies also have the advantage of offering welcome bonuses to those who sign up for an account and run ongoing promotions. These are strong incentives for those who are not yet decided whether to play next, but the decision is always between Internet operators. The advent of mobile devices has further accelerated the decline of traditional bookmakers, as it took convenience to an entirely new level. Punters can simply pick up their smartphones and tablets and back in real-time on hundreds of sports and games.

The top websites who offer online betting are not one trick ponies, but offer players different types of gambling options under the same account. Once people sign up, they can play casino games and even poker, in addition to betting on a comprehensive list of sports and matches. This means that those who choose to play online hit two birds with one stone and qualify for a mix of generous bonuses and promotions. They can also place their bets many weeks and even months in advance and cash in on the fluctuation of odds.

The end is nigh for high street bookmakers

Things are looking bright for the online gambling industry in general and sports betting in particular, as more people that every year. Unfortunately for high street bookmakers, only a tiny fraction of new players choose to bet in land-based locations. There are simply too few to compensate the migration of existing customers to the online gambling environment, so their business is running dry.

There are certain things that traditional bookmakers can do to stay afloat and they have borrowed many tricks from their online counterpart. Many chose to adapt and now they also have an online presence, while using the brick-and-mortar locations to pay winnings faster. This is one of the few aces that high street bookmakers still have up their sleeves, but definitely not enough to make up for all their flaws.