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NRHA for May 11, 2023: How Does the Judging Work in Reining?

REINING EPISODE:   We meet NRHA Commissioner Gary Carpenter and then take a deep dive into how the equine western sport of reining is judged by chatting with Patti Carter the Senior Director of Education and Officials for NRHA, and Eugenio Latorre the chairman of the NRHA Judges Committee who happens to live in Spain!

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American Horse Council: Welcome to the Dude Ranch for May 2, 2023

The first episode of the American Horse Council edition of Horses in the Morning goes Western when Julie and Megan speak with Russell True from White Stallion Ranch. The history and enticement of dude ranches is discussed and how the family-centric vacation can help preserve the American West and benefit the equine industry. The first AHC Legislative Update shares information on the latest happenings in Washington, D.C., as well as two pieces of legislation being discussed in California.

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Total EquiHealth: Chiropractic Alignment for Equestrians, Spring Skin Care for Apr 27, 2023

April is here… and what’s the phrase? April Showers bring all the skin problems? Wait, that’s not right- tune in for Total EquiHealths’s EquiDu Moment- Product Highlight- H3Oil, the best product line to help combat scratches, and all the funk we horse owners have to deal with. We also welcome Dr. Jamie Shortz, of Pacific Performance, to chat about her passion for equestrian fitness and chiropractic alignment to help us reach our performance goals!

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Chi University: Our First Monthly Look at Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for Apr 18, 2023

The first Chi University episode looking at Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine with host Dr. Allison Marshall.  We are also joined by founder of the Chi University Dr Xie to talk about how TCVM came to the United States and why it has become mainstream.  Plus, Dr. Wendy Ying returns to talk about the herb Xiao Yao San and what it can do for horses.  Listen in…

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Day 3 Live from Equine Affaire for April 16, 2023

Glenn and Allison bring you Day 3 from Equine Affaire in Ohio. They bring you interviews with some of the fascinating clinicians, vendors and spectators that are attending this year! Guests include: Trudy Midas from Espana Silk, Carl Bledsoe, Ashley and Emily of the United Horse Coalition, Jason and Bronwyn Irwin, Ava from Hunter’s Run Pony Club, x Auditor Carey. Listen in…

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NRHA: Reining 101, An Introduction to the Sport

In this National Reining Horse Association episode, we will meet our co-host Sara Honegger and hear her horse adventure that led her to working for the NRHA. Long time NRHA member and NRHA Futurity Champion Shawn Flarida will join us to talk about what it takes in conformation and attitude to make a good reining horse. Finally, we meet our leader, NRHA President Mark Blake, to get the latest on the direction of the NRHA. Listen in…

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Sidelines: Horses in Counseling, Land Rover & Eventing Pregnant? for Apr 6, 2023

Meet show jumper and licensed mental health counselor Casey Lorusso-Smith to talk about the importance of addressing mental health, and how horses can be used as facilitators. Then, get to know impressive eventer, mother and entrepreneur Frankie Thieriot Stutes, whose determination and grit led her to many event wins while pregnant. You may recognize Frankie from the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event’s Behind the Barn series. Listen in…

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Celebs with Horses Episode 1

Celebs with Horses Episode 1 – Test Group: 03-02-21 HORSES IN THE MORNING by Horse Radio Network Celebs with Horses Episode 1 03-02-21 00:00:00 00:00:00 Twitter Google Embed IOS APP ANDROID...

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Total EquiHealth: Lessons From All For The Horses Expo, Lunging for Rider Fitness for Mar 23, 2023

It’s the 4th Thursday of the Month! Coach Jenn joins Kayla for Total EquiHealth’s monthly health and fitness episode. They chat about the World Equestrian Center’s All for the Horses Expo, Betsey Christianson and Hall of Fame Jockey, Jose Santos, stop by to chat about EnviroEquine’s new power packed supplement line coming out, jockey fitness and the possibility that Kayla may be a stalker. Oops! And we really lunge into the exercise of the month- so tune in!

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Equine Affaire: One Month To Go for Mar 16, 2023

Equine Affaire in Ohio is coming up fast and we’re interviewing just a few of the excellent horsemen & horsewomen you can expect to see at the event! First, we welcome Guy McLean, a self-taught Australian horseman who has entertained, inspired, and educated millions of audience members from all walks of life. Next, we’ll have Dusti Dickerson, a fabulous trick rider and Roman rider and one of the stars of this spring’s Fantasia. Listen in…

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Equine Affaire: Shiny Horses & Sterling Drivers for Feb 16, 2023

German rider Sabine Desper fell in love with the gleaming Akhal-Teke breed in 2009 when she started working for Shenandoah Farm in Virginia. Today, she joins us on the show to chat about these special shiny horses, including Adamek, a purebred Akhal-Teke stallion. She is Adamek’s rider and trainer and she’ll be accompanying Adamek to the Breed Pavilion in Ohio. Next, Sterling Graburn is our featured driving clinician this spring. Graburn is a world-renowned driver and will be presenting on several driving-related clinics in Ohio.

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Endurance: World and National Endurance Championships for Feb 14, 2023

Mother/Daughter Karen Binns DiCamillo and Jessica DiCamillo share their excitement of representing the US Team at the World Endurance Championship in Abu Dhabi in March. Linda Parish, AERC National Championship ride manager, joins us to give us details on the 2023 National Championships in Texas. Plus, Karen’s Endurance Training Tip is the value of practicing trot-outs and doing CRI’s at home. Listen in….

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Sidelines: Dressage’s Lee & Sarah Tubman and Emily Dulin with Brooke USA for Feb 2, 2023 by Halter Ego and Paso Robles Horse Park

Individually, Sarah and Lee Tubman each have long lists of accomplishments in the dressage world. Together, they’re a newlywed dressage powerhouse couple. Get to know them in this month’s episode, and then meet Emily Dulin, CEO of Brooke USA Foundation, helping both equines and the humans who depend on them around the globe. Listen in…

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Equine Affaire: Teaching Youth to Train Horses, Exhibiting Horses at Equine Affaire, Life of an Equine Rescue for Jan 19, 2023

Jason Irwin joins Allison & Glenn to discuss tips for selecting the right horse for a youth rider. Then Equine Affaire’s breed exhibits manager, Jessica Anderson, chimes in to explain how listeners can apply to exhibit their own horses at Equine Affaire through the Breed Pavilion and the Horse & Farm Exhibits. Finally, Mary Martin, president and founder of New England Equine Rescue North, shares what it’s like to rescue horses in New England and how charity starts at home.

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Sidelines: Cassie Kahle and Katie Jackson Overcome Challenges for January 5, 2023 by Gulf Coast Classic Horse Show

We get to know Cassie Kahle, who had a fall in the show jumping ring that left her in a coma for 18 days. Now recovered with goals of returning to the ring, we are excited to introduce you to Cassie. We also catch up with dressage rider Katie Jackson, who had her leg amputated after she started having pain behind her knee and a lump was discovered. Katie is also back in the ring with Grand Prix and Paralympic goals.

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Special: Listener Holiday Songs and Poems for 2022

Special: Every year listeners send in songs and poems that celebrate the holidays, their horses and the HRN shows they love. We present to you this year’s collection.  Thank you for your hard work and may you have a wonderful holiday!  Listen in…

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Sidesaddle: Historical Reenacting, Parades Gone Wrong for Dec 6, 2022

Today we talk with Holly Ray about Historical Reenacting; from what to wear to which saddle to use. We also talk to Charlene Stevens about her first time riding sidesaddle in a parade that had some crazy drama that really highlighted how well trained the horses in the American Sidesaddle Association group were. Don’t forget our Sidesaddle word of the day and where in the world is Maggie.

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CHA: Teaching Horses to Stop Softly for Nov 15, 2022

Florida based trainer Ken Najorka joins us to talk about teaching both horse and rider to stop softly. Show host Jacqueline Tiley shares her favorite takeaways from this year’s CHA International Conference. Plus, the CHA video library inspires a winter weather unmounted lesson plan.

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Sidelines: Eventer Emily Hamel, Rachel Lindsey’s Madrone Ranch Stables for Nov 3, 2022 by “Big, Bold & Brave”

Meet eventer Emily Hamel, who is checking off childhood bucket list dreams like the Kentucky Three-Day Event, Badminton and Burghley with a special horse: the “Big, Brave and Bold” Barry. Then, get to know hunter-jumper barn owner and trainer Rachel Lindsey, who is fulfilling dreams of her own as owner of Madrone Ranch Stables in Austin, Texas, complete with rescued mini mascot Noel. Listen in!

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Equine Back Pain and How To Deal by Total EquiHealth for Oct 27, 2022

It’s all things health and fitness- always, and TOTAL-ly EQUI related (see what we did there?!) We invite Kaley Seitz on to chat about the benefits of alternate modalities such as Electro-Accupuncture and Meso Therapy, aiding in your horse’s comfort, specifically touching on Kissing Spine and Core work to ease back pain… TUNE IN, its going to be an educational day!

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CHA: Grooming Tips & Tricks, Choosing a Helmet for Oct 18, 2022

It’s all about grooming tips and tricks, but first we speak with Jenny Beverage from Troxel on what to look for when purchasing a helmet. Then Keli Wakeley guides us through clipping your horse and finally Anne Brzezicki addresses everything for the care of the horse’s coat, mane and tail. Classic re-visit.

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Equine Affaire: Exciting Competitions at Equine Affaire for October 20th, 2022

Equine Affaire Episode: This episode is our last episode to air before our event in Massachusetts and we can’t wait! Today, we’re chatting all about the competitions that will be happening this fall. Danelle Osinchuk is joining us to chat about the challenges of prepping a horse for the Versatile Horse & Rider Competition. Elliot Holtzman will share about his strategies and tips for practicing and competing in liberty at the International Liberty Horse Association Freestyle. Then Heather O’Hara is going to stop by from Nutrena, sponsor of the VHRC.  Listen in…

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