Author: Jorge Hernandez

Tevis Review with Jeremy and Heather Reynolds and Haley Moquin for August 8, 2023

In this all Tevis review episode we are joined by Tevis winner Jeremy Reynolds, as he explains how he trained his horse to ride without a bridle. Heather Reynolds makes a surprise visit to tell us about her top 10 finish and why she did Couger Rock up and down. Finally, Haggin Cup Winner Haley Moquin tells us about her ride on PJ. Listen in….

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Equine Insurance, Good Health Tips and Weird News for August 2, 2023 by Kemin Equine

Many listeners have asked for information on horse mortality/health insurance. Today we start a series answering your questions on buying horse mortality/health insurance with Fry’s Equine Insurance. Also, Dr. Wendy Ying, DVM CVA talks about things you can do when dogs and horses are young that will help them later in life and some weird news. Listen in…

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BreyerFest Review, Because I Loved You and Sammy Joe for July 17, 2023

Auditor Chantel, joins us on the way home from the “Great Sophia and Mom Road Trip to BreyerFest”. Donnaldson Brown, author of Because I Loved You, joins us to talk about The Equus Effect and her book about love and family, ambition and horses, and the impact of war. Finally, our My Right Horse Adoptable Horse of the Week is a paint gelding named Sammy Joe. Listen in…

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Helping Horses in Need for July 4, 2023 by American Horse Council

Anyone can become down on their luck and it’s never too late to recognize resources local to you. In this episode, Julie and Megan speak with three women who are working to help horse owners and horse enthusiasts help horses in need. Brittney Vallot highlights the amazing work that Days End Farm Horse Rescue and the Maryland Equine Transportation Service has done for the Maryland area since it was established in 1989. Dr. Stephanie Boswell has a strong interest in the behavior and welfare of the horse, making it her goal to make horses’ lives better through both physical and mental well-being. This led to her writing her book, available through Trafalgar Books, Helping Horses in Need, not only for those looking to work in rescue, but for the everyday horse owner wanting to make life more enjoyable for their horses. Finally, Ashley Harkins, Director of the United Horse Coalition, shares how the UHC provides plenty of resources for horse owners looking for assistance in caring for their horses, as well as those working with horses at-risk and in transition.

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Debbie and Jamie Chat With Equine Entertainer Sylvia Zerbini, Author Michelle Eames, and Weird News for May 24, 2023 by Kemin Equine

Debbie Loucks and Jamie Jennings spend time with 9th generation Equine Aerialist and Equine entertainer Sylvia Zerbini about horse training and Breyerfest, and also chat with author Michelle Eames about her book Riding Lessons, Things I Learned While Horsing Around. And as always, we wrap up the show with Weird News from your neck of the woods.

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