Author: Jorge Hernandez

Endurance: Containing Your Horse at Competitions, Trail Maintenance Volunteers, 1st Time Ride Manager for Apr 11, 2023

Karen Chaton offers advice on how do you safely contain your horse at a competition. Tami Rogeau, AERC West Region Trails Rep, discusses some of the issues facing our trails in the US, and how volunteers from AERC ranks are filling the gap. Laura Mayes shares her experiences as a first time rider manager for this year’s Nevada Derby Ride.

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Endurance: Pardners Award, WEG Review and Food Storage for March 14, 2023

Cindy Bradley and her horse Bo won the 2022 AERC HOF Pard’ners Award and she joins us to tell us about her endurance career. We get an update on last months Endurance World Equestrian Games in Abu Dabai from USA riders Karen Binns-Dicamillo and Jessica DiCamillo. Plus, Karen has some tips on food storage and other camping ideas to help reduce reuse or repurpose items that would otherwise end up in the garbage. Listen in…

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Pony Express, Team Biostar Wins and Jamie’s Gift for Mar 13, 2023 by World Equestrian Center

Jamie tells us about an amazing gift she received from a listener and Pam Dixon-Simmons, National President of the National Pony Express Association (NPEA) gives us the details on the Pony Express Re-Ride. Tigger, Owner of Biostar, is joined by rider Lauren Chumley to share the excitement of winning the Challenge of the Americas. Listen in…

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Big Announcement for The Movement, Auditor Debbie on an Adventure, and Your Equestrian First World Problems for Feb 6, 2023 by World Equestrian Center

Debbie Loucks co-hosts with Jamie while Glenn is on a vacation. Farmboy picks out some new training horses, we have a big announcement for The Movement, Auditor Debbie tells us about an adventure, Equestrian First World Problems, and Jamie and Debbie talk trainers and horse problems… We are all over the place!

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Finding Gideon, Clark’s Kitchen and EFWP Jan 23, 2023 by World Equestrian Center

Author Sarah Hickner returns to tell us about her new book “Finding Gideon: A Broken Dream, A Missing Horse, and the Faith of a Mustard Seed” and how she is delivering it in a new way! Also, Auditor Clark gives us a report on the building of Glenn’s kitchen over the weekend and you still have a lot of Equestrian First World Problems. Listen in…

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Endurance: Race Against Time, Rider Fitness and Ride Times for Jan 10, 2023

Author Claire Eckard joins us to talk about her new book “Race Against Time: A Girl, a Pony & the Toughest 100-Mile Race in the World”. It is the amazing story of Kyla Law and Her Hackney Pony Flash, the smallest horse to ever finish the Tevis Cup. Sarah Cuthbertson from Ride Like an Athlete helps us with what conditioning is needed for distance riders and Karen shares how she calculates ride times and speed. Listen in…

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