Whether it’s walking, rodeo, jumping or dressage, riding is one of the most lucrative and competitive sports around. Beyond this aspect, horse breeding is also a potentially profitable business venture. Indeed, when we focus on the selling prices of these, we come to know that riding is certainly the most luxurious sport in the world.  From horse-racing-promo-code.com, one can get promo codes for racing. There are different types of races that are there and hence you can find different breeds that have excelled in those. Various races are organized all over the world, in fact, there are certain, popular ones that work like tournaments to mention a few Dubai World Cup, United Arab Emirates, The Grand National, Aintree, England, Melbourne Cup, Melbourne, Australia are some noted one. So depending upon which type of race it is, you can choose your racehorse and the game is yours.

Horse Evaluation Criteria:  The price of a horse is composed of several criteria. One of the main ones is the “professional” form of the animal. A racehorse must have excellent speed, a regular and powerful jump is needed for a horse and the natural beauty of movement is required for dressage.

Here are the top 5 most expensive horses sales ever made.

Fusaichi Pegasus: (Shown above)

 This is the most expensive in the world, recognized in this case for his talent. Fusaichi Pegasus is considered the most expensive horse sold, nothing more and nothing less than 70 million dollars. This specimen won the Kentucky Derby in 2000 and concluded its sports career with nine starts, six victories and two defeats. In total, he earned almost two million during his active life.

Fusaichi Pegasus currently lives in Kentucky with a quota of seven thousand dollars, a result of a reduction of its initial quota, 150 thousand, after not offering good results as a breeding stock.

Shareef Dancer:

This specimen was bought for 40 million dollars by the Irish Derby in 1983, is a descendant of Northern Dancer and had a career of success, being better as a stud horse to accumulate profits exceeding two million dollars..


 In addition to being one of the most expensive, it is also one of the most publicized and repeated in the specialized media, for an incomparable beauty.

This is one of the copies that show the price at which it was sold: 21 million. Catalogued as the most outstanding dressage horse in the world, with numerous records. Also, it is the only Dressage horse that scored more than 90 points in a competition.

Totila and his rider Edward Gal were recognized as species of rock stars in El Mundo del Caballo. The fate of this animal changed in 2011 when it was sold to a German property, later denounced for animal abuse. It is said that Totila did not perform well in competitions since then.

 Green Monkey:

Green Monkey holds the record of the most expensive thoroughbred ever sold in an auction for a cost of 16 million. Descendant of Northern Dancer, this exemplar yielded little and only competed in three races, accumulating at the end of his active life a total of 10 thousand 440 dollars. The Green Monkey lives his retirement in Florida..

Palloubet D’halong:

This is the most expensive jumping horse sold in history for 15 million dollars. Considered one of the best in his specialty and ridden by Janika Spunger, this copy was sold to Ene Tops, on reaching 10 years of age.