by:  Glenn the Geek, Founder of the Horse Radio Network

Coronavirus Update: I will start putting out regular updates on Coronavirus as it affects all of us in the horse world. (Please share.) Here is the latest as of this morning:

  • The American Quarter Horse Association announced the cancellation of the 2020 AQHA Convention in March. That is one of the largest conventions in the horse world.
  • Yonkers Horseman John Brennan Dies of Coronavirus, cancels days of racing.
  • The Emirates Racing Authority announced that spectators were banned from meets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for several days.
  • USEF issued a letter saying ” (USEF) is closely monitoring the information regarding the Coronavirus outbreak. Our number one priority is the safety and welfare of our members, staff and their families. While the current number of cases in the United States is low, we recognize the growing concerns of our community with respect to the potential for an increase in cases in coming weeks.
  • The eleventh Saut Hermès at the Grand Palais, due to take place in Paris from 20 to 22 March 2020, is cancelled.
  • Longines Masters of Hong Kong Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Land Rover Three Day Event also issued a letter stating they are also closely monitoring the situation but as of now they are on for the end of April.

My Opinion: Now that test kits are finally becoming available in the US the number of cases is really ramping up. More than 70 cases are now tied to a biotech conference in Boston. States, towns and cities are now forbidding large gatherings of any kind across the country. We are going to see many more larger horse events cancelled because the organizers don’t want the liability and/or they are not allowed to hold them. The one thing that is certain is that this is going to get worse before it gets better. Now go buy some toilet paper. (j/k)

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