Good morning boys and girls and toilet paper hoarders everywhere, Glenn the Geek here with continuing coverage of this mess as it applies to the horse world. If you didn’t catch Dr. Gimenez and I last night in our Oscar winning performance on FB Live, then shame on you for remaining ill informed. Seriously though, go the Horses in the Morning FB page and watch it, we discuss what you need to know about dealing with this in your business operations.

Yesterday was a freaking crazy day for the horse world and the real world. (Don’t say it, you all realize we don’t live in the real world, ours is special.  Here is just some of the cancellations from yesterday that I heard about. Please email me at if you know of other horsey cancellations large and small.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo – The rodeo was scheduled to run through March 22 and was in the middle of it’s run. 14 people in Houston tested positive and I heard at least one was at the events.

Road to the Horse – one of the largest horse events held every year at the Ky Horse Park is postponed. When asked about tickets on the FB page they said: “At this time, we are investigating our options for rescheduling the event and will provide details as soon as possible.”

Land Rover Three Day – No change as of yet, it is still on. However, part of the Road to the Horse cancellation said “in consultation with the Governor’s Office as part of the Commonwealth’s ongoing effort to ensure the health and wellness of the public as Kentucky fights aggressively to prevent the spread of COVID-19.” I have to believe they are having the same conversation with the KY Gov.

FEI World Cup in Vegas in 34 Days – As restrictions were just put on ⅓ of the world to fly to the USA, I think we will hear an announcement about this one today. Let me know if you hear anything.

Almost all horse events in Italy – when you are grounded and not allowed to leave your house it is hard to show. Things are getting wild in Italy. The good thing is most Italians keep about 100 lbs of pasta around. If I am going to be quarantined, I want to be quarantined with Itailians.

Denmark is closed: They officially pretty much shut down the country.

The Dutch Masters announced that the event would go on with no audience. They spoke to all involved: the riders, the sports federations and partners. They all support the sport and want the competitions to take place.

Arabian Breeders World Cup Cancelled in Vegas is cancelled along with about a thousand things in Vegas. Am I the only one when they hear anything said about Vegas immediately hears slot machines? Ok, I might have a problem.

The IOC Executive Board met in Lausanne (SUI) on 3 and 4 March and confirmed its full commitment to the success of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, encouraging all athletes to continue with their preparations for the Games. (If I were a betting man, ok I am, I would bet on a postponement of the Olympics)

Local Shows: I am hearing about many local shows happening but banning spectators. I am not sure for the local shows I have been to that changes much. (I was going to say Dressage Show but that seemed too easy. 

I will be back tonight at 8pm ET with a FB live on the Horses in the Morning FB page.

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My Final Thoughts for the Day: I see people still saying that this is not as bad as the flu. It is 10 times worse! Get your barns ready, have a plan if you get sick or someone at your barn does and the barn goes into 14 days of quarantine. Do you have enough food for you and the horses, do you have someone ready to take care of them if you can’t? Be as ready as you can for the economic crash that is happening.

I am finding it hard to be as funny as usual at a time like this but I promise we will continue to provide some levity on Horses in the Morning. We are all in this petri dish together, so let’s swim!