Corona Horse World Update for March 19, 2020… (PLEASE SHARE) What we have learned after 5 days in self quarantine and what you really need for mandatory quarantine. We talked about your animals in past days – now it is time to talk about yourselves.
Good morning horse world. Today’s lesson will be on what we have learned in self-quarantine for the last 5 days. On how your perspective on things and on what is important changes faster than you would think. We self quarantine over the weekend mainly because of my health issues. I have Chronic Lyme which means my immune system is shit, I always get sicker than everyone else even with basic stuff. I also have Asthma and I am almost 60. I have three strikes so we are being extra careful, cause I know you would all miss me everyday not blabbing in your ears. 😉
I still do think there will be a mandatory lockdown in the whole country by next week. People are not taking it seriously and the cases are spiking across the country. So, get ready for 4 weeks or more of not leaving your houses, most work stopped and troops in the streets. (UK just mobilized 20,000 and California actually said they would not rule out martial law.) We also can’t count on deliveries continuing to happen. I know, how can we live without Amazon? Get ready today and here is what we have learned…
***Practical Lessons on Food and Staples***
We had stocked up on some things to get ready and totally forgot about other things that are important but we take for granted every day. We don’t realize how spoiled we all are and how much we do take for granted. So here is the list of things we didn’t think about much..
Deodorant – I discovered I was almost out. Never thought about that.
Bath Soap and Shampoo – Make sure you have enough for a month.
Dish soap and laundry detergent – dishes will pile up quickly and whether you like it or not you will need to wash your clothes. We have started using half the laundry detergent and it actually still works. Amazing.
Perishables – you will be out of most perishables in a week. No more fresh veggies or fruit. We discovered we did not plan on enough canned or frozen veggies.
Milk – milk will run out or turn bad in a week or two, do you care or have a plan? Try and find powdered milk now, good luck. My parents used powdered milk growing up and I swore I would never drink that crap again. TBH, I would still rather eat my cereal dry. We got a bunch of shelf stable rice milk.
Butter – not something we considered and have been amazed how much we use it. Stock up and freeze some butter.
Onions and Peppers – didn’t think about those and they can be cut up and frozen and used in many things. They ran out quickly.
Less Ingredients – use less ingredients when making things. For example, I would normally put 10 things in my spaghetti sauce. You really only need one or two and layer flavor with spices. You will start to think about how many ingredients you are using.
***What you should stock up on***
Beans and Legumes
Canned anything but esp proteins
Nut butters
Rice, pasta or even instant potatoes (ewwwww, I can’t stand them either, so stock up on instant gravy to hide the taste.)
Cereal – you can eat dry if needed.
Protein bars that are low in sugar
Canned, sugar-free fruits and vegetables
Dried fruit, popcorn and yes, chocolate, lots of chocolate
Water, shelf-stable milk and coffee
Bread, deli meat and fresh seafood all can be frozen
Frozen strawberries, blueberries and peaches can be used for smoothies, while spinach, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, asparagus and green beans can be used as a solo side dish or mixed with pasta or rice.
***Your Attitude Changes Quickly***
It is funny when humans are forced into situations how really adaptable we are. How what you thought was important 2 weeks ago is no longer important. I wonder if this is God’s way of giving us all a wakeup call to bring us back to what is really important? You will find yourself thinking about how much you use everything, for example:
Take a napkin for dinner and think that could be used as toilet paper and then use a cloth instead.
Use less toilet paper (admit it we are all doing that)
Washing dishes and laundry using less soap
Pretty much everything you consume and use you will start to think about in ways you never did before. Food becomes less pleasure and more necessity. You truly start to realize how spoiled you have been and start to wonder if you will ever be that spoiled again.
What have you all learned from this so far?
***My Final Thought***
John Brennan, 69, a horse trainer who was the first New Jersey resident to die of COVID-19. His relatives have now lost three people, four in critical condition and 20 quarantined. A Mom 73 and her two sons all died. They had all gotten together for a family dinner before anyone knew he was sick and now the family is decimated.
This is why we can’t be on the beaches of Florida partying, because of what those kids will do to their grandparents because they don’t care about getting sick. It is time we start really practicing quarantine before too may other families are wiped out.
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